Easy Slow Cooker Recipes: Chicken Tortilla Soup

I love my slow cooker more than I love most things. That sounds extreme – but what other appliance can cook your food overnight without the threat of burning down your house? Exactly. I think the ONLY downside to owning a slow cooker is the smell that wafts through your house at night. It’s

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Cooking with Kids: Berry Pavlova

It’s Spring! It’s Spring! Finally! When I think of Spring desserts I think of fruit and light meringues – I’m done with Peeps until next year of course… Meringue is something loved by children and adults and yes, it’s very sweet so at least you won’t end up eating the entire thing. Pavlova is

5 Creative Ways to Recycle Egg Cartons

Throwing away an egg carton seems like such a waste, right? I always feel like I’m missing out on some kind of space-saving opportunity or craft project. Check out a bunch of ideas for making the most out of your used egg cartons and check out 5 creative ways to recycle egg cartons:

Save up

Gardening with Kids: DIY Rain Boot Planters

I came across great post from Rosina Huber that I thought would be perfect for Itsy’s Gardening with Kids series. This is a great project if you have a bunch of old rain boots laying around that you can’t seem to part with but don’t know what to do with them. Your kids will love

DIY Easter Eggs: Easy Leaf Prints

This is a beautiful Easter Egg project you can do with your kids using items you have in your home – AND backyard! What do I mean? These DIY Easter eggs have a leaf pattern and they’re so easy and gorgeous without needing a stencil!

You’ll Need

Small flat herb leaves
Hard-boiled white eggs
Nylon stockings
Rubber bands
Warm water