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Brenda Barron is a writer and social media specialist from southern California and enjoys discovering new crafts and fun projects to share with other parents.

How to Make Your Own Baby Food

We talked yesterday about some of the most popular organic baby food brands on the market right now. And while their offerings are healthy and nutritious, you might want more control over what your child eats. Scouring over nutrition labels requires vigilience and if your baby has food sensitivities, intolerances, or allergies, paying attention is

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Rainbow Waffles

Never has the saying, "Taste the rainbow," been more appropriate. I mean, just look at these rainbow waffles! They're colorful, fun, and absolutely tasty. Your kids won't be able to resist the flavor/fun combo here. And they're super easy to make, which is a relief for you busy moms out there. This recipe is from

By |March 9th, 2014|Categories: What to Eat|

St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

Want to bring a bit of St. Patrick's Day spirit to your home? Or to your front door, perhaps? A wreath adds a touch of warmth to your front door or even to nooks and decorative spaces in your home. It's the perfect way to commemorate the season. This St. Patrick's Day wreath is easy

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Fix Jeans with Holes: Felt Faces

Kids are rough on their clothing. And that can get rough on your wallet, especially when you find yourself needing to replace clothing on a regular basis. I mean, kids grow out of their clothes fast enough as it is! That's why I really fell in love with this idea. There's no need to toss

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