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DIY Easter Eggs: Easy Leaf Prints

This is a beautiful Easter Egg project you can do with your kids using items you have in your home - AND backyard! What do I mean? These DIY Easter eggs have a leaf pattern and they're so easy and gorgeous without needing a stencil!   You'll Need Small flat herb leaves Hard-boiled white eggs

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Volunteer Opportunities for Kids in Los Angeles

People forget how good it feels to donate their time to a worthy cause and tend to only volunteer around the holidays. We're all busy - but a couple hours on a weekend can do wonders. Teaching children the importance of volunteering their time is essential - and bonus: they can even work with animals!

By |April 15th, 2014|Categories: What to Do|

Gardening with Kids: Rainbow Pour Pots

The next installment of gardening with kids is going to be centered around decorating flower pots - BUT! These are going to be cuter than your typical hand-painted pot. Flashback to being 10 years old and making a painted pot for my mother at school: she still has it in her kitchen and it is

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Walking Tours in Los Angeles

If you're looking for an interesting an educational activity (with a little bit of exercise) on the weekend we have a list of some of the best walking tours in Los Angeles. These are great for when you have family or friends in town that aren't into the typical Universal Studios-thing.   Historic Downtown Walking

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Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Kids

Egg decorating is in MY humble opinion, one of the most beautiful parts of Easter. I have some great inspiration photos of Easter egg decorating ideas for kids (with your assistance, of course) I mean, have you ever seen an egg tree? Check out this one in Germany - so lavish. Many moons ago I

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