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Prank Your Kids This April Fools Day

April Fools day isn't just for kids anymore! Personally, I'm not good at pranks, keeping secrets of keeping in laughter so maybe these aren't for me... I honestly don't think I have successfully pranked anyone in my life but these seem super easy to me. BuzzFeed came up with a fabulous list of pranks to

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Gardening with Kids: Eggshell Seedlings

The best kind of home DIY projects are the kind that use recycled materials, and this one does just that. Since summer is coming, we're doing a series of posts on gardening with kids to get your children excited to learn about the delicate ecosystem we live in. Developing an admiration for nature at a

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Yoga for Children

If you're already super into yoga, you probably know the benefits already - and if you're not doing yoga, what are you waiting for!? A great way to take it to the next level would be getting your children involved with it too. Yoga for children obviously isn't going to be as strenuous as some

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