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Creative Writing Prompts for Kids: Word Birds

Kids are SO creative it's almost unfair. There's no filter, judgement or fear that someone won't like it. It's just hilarious, creative words put to paper. It's not automatic, however, sometimes creative writing prompts for kids are in order. Have you ever looked at old drawings, reports for class or writing projects you wrote as

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Drawing Game for Kids

I came across this awesome craft (and game) idea for kids from Teach Preschool called the Pizza Toss Drawing Game. Yes! Pizza in the form of a game - a pizza game you can make yourself VERY easily at home. Who knows - maybe you can make a pizza later based on your child's drawing

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Rainy Day: Indoor Activities for Kids

Whether it's a snow day at school or a literal rainy day inside, we all know that kids need stimulation. I'm sure you've read millions of posts on indoor activities for kids but these ones are tried and tested to make sure your kids don't go stir crazy when they're trapped indoors. Fort Making Seems

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