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DIY Rain Boots for Kids

Last week we had an inspiration post of a couple examples of DIY rain boots for kids. Yes, homemade rain boots - it's a simple project that can either sprue up an old pair of generic rain boots or if you're tight on cash it can make any boot a little cuter and YES these

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DIY Rain Boots for Kids Inspiration

Well, April showers bring May flowers (right?) I wonder if that rhyme still applies with all this crazy weather everyone has been getting... Well, it's warm in Los Angeles right now but we did have some rain this month, as you all know... and during all of that torrential downpour I did realize that there

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The Perfect Easter Eggs

It’s a family tradition for many: dyeing hardboiled eggs in many a variation of pastel. The scent of vinegar lingers in the air. It simply wouldn’t be Easter without it. However, a lot of people focus on the dyeing part and not so much on the hard boiling. And therein lies the problem. So, that’s

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