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My son loves to mix ingredients and get down and dirty!  He has had a lot of experience making dough by mixing in various liquids and powdery substances together.  However, he was in for a surprise when he mixed some cornstarch and water to make some Oobleck! 2 parts of corn starch and 1

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Make a Volcano

Make a Volcano This classic science project and experiment is so fun to do! Many times, when we make a volcano, we would just do the eruption part of this project using an empty water bottle and not actually mold a volcano shape. Watching the eruption over and over again, sure kept the boys engaged

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Make Water Walls! Re-Use Plastic Bottles & Containers

April 22nd is Earth Day, a day dedicated to remind us to be mindful of doing our part in protecting our environment.  Anytime we can re-use materials for projects, such as plastic water bottles and other plastic containers -- it's a great thing!  Children re-use the water that they catch at the bottom of their