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Make a Sun-Earth-Moon Model

Does your child ever ask you questions about space?  This is a great way to introduce the relationship between the sun, Earth, and moon.  It's a fun hands-on way to show how the Earth orbits the sun, and how the moon orbits the Earth. You will need: Yellow construction paper (for the sun) Blue construction paper (for

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Exploding Soap Science Experiment

This is probably one of the quickest science experiments you can do, while receiving one of the biggest "WOW" factor from your kiddos! Basically, all you need is a bar of Ivory brand soap and a microwavable plate! As with a lot of our experiments, we like to do a sink or float test. Ask

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Color Changing Flower Science Experiment

With this fun science experiment, you can show how stems are important to bringing water and nutrients to a plant. But warn your little ones that they will have to be patient before they can observe any changes. My boys always look forward to exciting and instant results in our science experiments at home, so

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