Kids Birthday Cake Ideas

Today we have some kids birthday cake ideas to get you thinking about the next cake you'll make. Ordering a cake from a supermarket is such a no-no and you know which ones I'm talking about: the quarter slab 60% icing monstrosities kids seem to love... Okay, if someone handed me a piece of Costco

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Inspiration: Scrapbooking Ideas

Scrapbooking... you've told yourself to do it yet you can't quite seem to get around to it. We have a bunch of scrapbooking ideas to get you inspired. It's a great activity because you're not only getting your creative juices flowing, but it's a good stress reliever and it's an activity you can get your

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Inspiration: Kid Friendly Salads

Kid friendly salads are a tricky thing to master. Some kids don't like when foods touch, some kids don't like veggies and some kids just don't like to eat anything green. When you google "Kid friendly salads" you get a slew of bizarre marshmallow salads with pineapple topped with cool-whip. Well that's not very nutritious

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Bedroom Organization Ideas for Kids

Toy boxes are overflowing, there are trinkets on every surface, clothing and shoes are strewn across the floor and if you step on one ore piece of Lego you might just snap. It seems like your kids have accumulated a billion toys - WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN? I'm an advocate for clean spaces and making

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Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

When you google birthday party ideas for girls, you're always going to have that 9/10 pink ratio. Everything is pink or a princess party. Granted, lots of girls want a pink princess party but we're going to give you a few other options. Yes, there may be some pink in this inspiration post but switch

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