Bento Box Lunches for Kids

I've spent about 4-6 hours roughly on Pinterest staring at Bento Box lunches for kids (okay, maybe an hour) and they put my salad container to shame let me tell you. I thought I was so cool, with my separate vegetable compartment for carrots and baby tomatoes and dressing compartment. I thought I figured it

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Family Portrait Ideas

Family portrait ideas... well, do you want to be that family on the beach in khakis and a white shirt dying of heat stroke? How many times have you seen that idea already? It actually sounds like something your aunt came up with and decided to mass email the family letting them know that at

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Bedroom Inspiration for Kids

Time for some Sunday inspiration! I'm sure you've wondered how to balance function, organization and design into your child's bedroom -- especially if you have children sharing space. We picked out a bunch of our favorite bedroom inspiration for kids from Pinterest this week that are sure to spark your inner interior designer.  

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Beautiful Rainbow Cake Inspiration

Sometimes to get myself excited for a dessert I want to make, I look at endless photos on Pinterest. It's all about inspiration, and I have a great crop of inspiration for you today. It all started with the rainbow cake and people are now doing rainbow cupcakes and rainbow cake in a jar which

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Notes to your children

Write notes to your children! Your kids will love it! Write them little notes and slip them in their lunch box. Place a note on their pillow before they go to sleep. Set it on the kitchen table in the morning so they’ll see it at breakfast time! Draw pictures, write a little message, or simply

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