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DIY Homemade Italian Seasoning

Salad dressing, meats, soups - it seems like so many of your recipes require Italian seasoning and why haven't you ever tried to make your own? I'm sure you have all the seasoning laying around anyway and if you don't - they're relatively inexpensive and you'll have homemade Italian Seasoning for months! When you're done

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DIY Glass Spray Bottle

I wrote a post earlier this week about making your own household cleaners - the green way. Well now that you have all these great cleaners you don't want to put them in an ugly generic plastic bottle that may be leeching toxins. Yuck. So we have a DIY for making your very own glass

By |February 27th, 2014|Categories: Money Savers, What to Make|

5 Green Cleaning Products

If you need to crack a window when you're cleaning - the product is likely toxic. Not only are the smells coming off of these products offensive but they're harmful to breathe and ingest. A lot of people don't realize that the cleaning products they use on surfaces like a kitchen floor can actually harm

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3 DIY Button Crafts

How did you accumulate so many buttons? Well, there's the box of buttons you inherited from your mother and the 500 extra buttons you've been collecting over the years from clothing you don't even own anymore. So clear out some of your button stock pile with three cute button crafts. Button Art Draw out the

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How to Make Your Own Crayons

Well I bet you didn't think there were any uses for old, worn down crayons, now did you? This is a fun little rainy day activity since your kids will want to spend hours testing out their new giant multi-colored crayons. I guess first ask yourself, do you have the fridge space to hang all

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