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Kids Birthday Cake Ideas: Piñata Cake

We did a post last week on a few kids birthday cake ideas to get you excited to think outside of the box for your child's birthday cake - and we have the perfect cake for you! I saw the Piñata cake posted on a few sites - one is actually a piñata cake for

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Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry muffins are so comforting and kids love them. Blueberries are that compromise between fruit and chocolate chips. They're just sweet enough to be delicious yet they're fruit! Packed with antioxidants - and they make great finger paint and stain clothing! I'm off topic now, but, gluten free blueberry muffins taste exactly the same -

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Healthy Desserts: Zucchini Crumble

I love hiding vegetables in desserts. There I said it. I've been sneaking vegetables into dinners and desserts now for quite some time and I haven't been caught yet. I'm not sure if you saw Monday's post, but if you're just turning in to the healthy desserts series I posted a killer recipe for Spinach

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