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Easy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Breakfast is super important as you may have heard from your own mother years ago when you "weren't hungry" all of those mornings... It happens to all of us, we skip breakfast for days or weeks at a time not realizing just how important it is for your brain to function and getting that boost

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Healthy Road Trip Snacks for Kids

Is there anything more terrifying than road trip food - I'm talking greasy diners and impulse buys from the gas station and sticky fingers in the backseat... I think I've painted a pretty familiar picture for you. I mean, the cost alone of travel is expensive and honestly - four meals at McDonalds isn't exactly

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Healthy Mac and Cheese for Kids

Mac and Cheese is such a comfort food but a healthy Mac and Cheese is even better. You can still get that delicious creamy consistency without all that butter - as tasty as it is. This is a super simple recipe your kids will love and there is a hidden vegetable involved too! This is

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