20 Uses of Coconut Oil

We've all heard the news: coconut oil is the new black and I've got 20 uses of coconut oil listed below. This stuff is amazing, it's the cure-all miracle fat. A little tip though if you're cooking with it: buy the refined version because it doesn't leave any coconut-y taste on your food. You can

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What is Ringworm?

What is Ringworm? Anything with the word worm in it sounds bad, right? It's actually a pretty common fungal infection of the skin and has nothing to do with worms. Ringworm, or Tinea can be spotted on the following areas: Body - typical ringworm or Tinea Corporis Scalp - Tinea Capitis Feet - Athlete's foot

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Athletes Foot Treatment

If you haven't experienced Athletes foot in your lifetime, kudos! You can truly pick it up anywhere from public swimming pools to gym showers and the nail salon. Athlete's foot, is an infection caused by a fungus, this type of fungus eats old skin cells and guess what! There is plenty of old dead skin cells

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How to Store Fresh Produce

If you're like me, you've stood in your kitchen at 7:00 am cursing your raspberries for being mushy or molded within two days of buying them. Cleaning and maintaining fresh produce is one of those tricks you need to learn, but as soon as you conquer it, you'll feel invincible - I swear. We all

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Teaching Kids the Importance of Hand Washing

"And don't forget to wash your hands" You find yourself saying, three to thirty times a day at least. The truth is kids don't always listen nor do they quite understand the importance of washing your hands before a meal or after using the bathroom, so you need to be persistent and have patience because

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