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Kids Meeting the Easter Bunny

We all know bunnies are adorable. The idea of the Easter Bunny is a little less cute I guess, but still, you would think it would be an adorable rabbit, after all... Apparently that's not the case with some of these mall Easter bunnies, and as you know our favorite source for hilarious family photos

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Types of Parent Heart Conditions

I'm not sure if you've ever had a chance to check out the graphics, posts and videos over at How to be a Dad but they're a riot. We've posted a few in the past like: Live as if Every Moment you were a Muppet and What if Apple made Baby Products. Well, today's hilarious infographic is called

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When Kids Crying is Actually Kind of Funny

We probably don't remember crying over spilled milk - literally, but it probably happened. Granted, an upset child is usually not funny and no laughing matter! It's loud and upsetting... but sometimes the reason for the tears is so ridiculous you have to laugh. We came across a bunch of photos with original captions on why their

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Fix Your Grammar

Your vs. you're Their vs. there vs. they're Can you imagine if I misspelled the article and wrote "Fix You're Grammar"? It would be super embarrassing but sometimes you're not thinking... or is it "your not thinking?" Anyway, we could all use a little lesson on contractions. People overuse the word "literally" literally like all the

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Words of Wisdom: Stephen Colbert

I absolutely love Stephen Colbert - and who knew he was such a parenting wiz. When it comes down to relationships and parenting - you have to have a sense of humor. You just have to laugh and I feel like they do a lot of laughing at the Colbert household. Below are some words

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