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If you're like me you've googled symptoms before and have somehow convinced yourself you have a terminal illness. Now, what about googling symptoms for your son or daughter? We're all hypochondriacs at one point or another as much as we don't want to admit it... Sometimes it's best to just ask your parents since they

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Presidents Day for Kids

Now, I'm new to Kid President but he is a YouTube personality. After googling Presidents Day for kids for a few days I thought this was well worth sharing rather than a dull Presidents Day lesson for kids. As a Canadian, American holidays always creep up on me, I'm still learning, but also as a

By |February 17th, 2014|Categories: Your Daily Zen|

Family Portrait Ideas

Family portrait ideas... well, do you want to be that family on the beach in khakis and a white shirt dying of heat stroke? How many times have you seen that idea already? It actually sounds like something your aunt came up with and decided to mass email the family letting them know that at

By |February 13th, 2014|Categories: Inspiration, Your Daily Zen|

What if Apple Made Baby Products

I'm not sure who designs baby gear but I can tell you they don't always make it pretty. There's never really that even fashion-function ratio when it comes to toys or strollers. So, what if Apple made baby products? Not only would they be sleek, but efficient too. Honestly, we're surprised they haven't, since they've

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Hilarious Pregnancy Photography

I know we've talked about Awkward Family Photos before, so, if you're ever having a bad day or need a laugh just scroll through their site.It's a guaranteed pick-me-up. One of my favorite sections on the site is pregnancy photography. There is some very tasteful work out there and some... well, you'll see.... I'm not

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