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Kids being Kids

  Kids can be a little messy at time, a little loud... a little hell bent on destroying your house? I'm not sure if you've ever visited Sh*t My Kids Ruined but it'll make you laugh and cringe (sometimes at the same time). Here are some of my favorite examples of kids being kids, with the

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Kids Don’t Come With a Manual

Kids don't come with a manual. Sure, there are plenty of books, blogs, friends and family with advice, but you'll sometimes have a sinking feeling that you may not be doing enough, or you may be doing things incorrectly. Alas, it's nice to know that everyone goes through it at some point, so to brighten

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Guide to Repacking a Product

Packaging is one of life's mysteries... Ikea packaging? Don't get me started... I understand they're incredibly efficient, but it's next to impossible to re-package anything I've ever bought from there unless you have a packaging degree (which is not a thing) Here's An Honest Guide to Repacking a Product from one of our favorite sites

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Diaper Change Threat Condition

 "He smelled fine a minute ago!"  We came across this handy guide called to know when you should run to the restroom to change your baby's diaper - which is much, much better than finding out when it's too late. So, check out the Diaper Change Threat Condition: Image courtesy of How to be a

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