DIY Easter Eggs: Easy Leaf Prints

This is a beautiful Easter Egg project you can do with your kids using items you have in your home - AND backyard! What do I mean? These DIY Easter eggs have a leaf pattern and they're so easy and gorgeous without needing a stencil!   You'll Need Small flat herb leaves Hard-boiled white eggs

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European Easter Bread

Easter is right around the corner. Have you planned your menu yet? If not, you might want to consider adding European Easter Bread, to your table. It's filled with many of the things people have given up for Lent like carbs and butter. There are many recipes for this bread out there that offer slight

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Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Kids

Egg decorating is in MY humble opinion, one of the most beautiful parts of Easter. I have some great inspiration photos of Easter egg decorating ideas for kids (with your assistance, of course) I mean, have you ever seen an egg tree? Check out this one in Germany - so lavish. Many moons ago I

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Copycat Recipe: Cadbury Creme Egg

Who doesn't love a Cadbury Creme Egg? I mean, they're so sweet but for some reason you don't care - you can eat a few of them in one sitting? Okay, I'm obviously speaking for everyone but what I meant to say is I can definitely polish off 3-4 Creme Eggs in an hour. Easter

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Kids Meeting the Easter Bunny

We all know bunnies are adorable. The idea of the Easter Bunny is a little less cute I guess, but still, you would think it would be an adorable rabbit, after all... Apparently that's not the case with some of these mall Easter bunnies, and as you know our favorite source for hilarious family photos

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