Volunteer Opportunities for Kids in Los Angeles

People forget how good it feels to donate their time to a worthy cause and tend to only volunteer around the holidays. We're all busy - but a couple hours on a weekend can do wonders. Teaching children the importance of volunteering their time is essential - and bonus: they can even work with animals!

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Gardening with Kids: Rainbow Pour Pots

The next installment of gardening with kids is going to be centered around decorating flower pots - BUT! These are going to be cuter than your typical hand-painted pot. Flashback to being 10 years old and making a painted pot for my mother at school: she still has it in her kitchen and it is

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European Easter Bread

Easter is right around the corner. Have you planned your menu yet? If not, you might want to consider adding European Easter Bread, to your table. It's filled with many of the things people have given up for Lent like carbs and butter. There are many recipes for this bread out there that offer slight

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Healthy Road Trip Snacks for Kids

Is there anything more terrifying than road trip food - I'm talking greasy diners and impulse buys from the gas station and sticky fingers in the backseat... I think I've painted a pretty familiar picture for you. I mean, the cost alone of travel is expensive and honestly - four meals at McDonalds isn't exactly

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Walking Tours in Los Angeles

If you're looking for an interesting an educational activity (with a little bit of exercise) on the weekend we have a list of some of the best walking tours in Los Angeles. These are great for when you have family or friends in town that aren't into the typical Universal Studios-thing.   Historic Downtown Walking

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