Gardening with Kids: Rainbow Pour Pots

The next installment of gardening with kids is going to be centered around decorating flower pots - BUT! These are going to be cuter than your typical hand-painted pot. Flashback to being 10 years old and making a painted pot for my mother at school: she still has it in her kitchen and it is

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Walking Tours in Los Angeles

If you're looking for an interesting an educational activity (with a little bit of exercise) on the weekend we have a list of some of the best walking tours in Los Angeles. These are great for when you have family or friends in town that aren't into the typical Universal Studios-thing.   Historic Downtown Walking

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Gardening With Kids: Mason Jar Herbs

This is one of my favorite projects in our series - Gardening with Kids, probably because I'm obsessed with Mason Jars and this entire project takes maybe half an hour. You can keep your herb garden indoors (provided you have enough light coming in) or outdoors. These are great for easy access in the kitchen

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Fun Beach Craft – Sand Prints

Summer is here!  The children are out of school, the weather has been great, and the summer spirit is definitely in the air! The boys were very excited about a beach date we had planned with family friends. I wanted to do a fun beach craft with all of the children and was inspired by