Sense of Smell – What Scent can you Sense?

In exploring our 5 senses, we have up to now learned about our sense of sight, hearing, taste, and touch. Our last of the 5 senses to explore is our sense of smell.  Smelling something delicious or fragrant can bring back a special memory, and transport us to somewhere special. The scent of fresh apple

Sense of Sight – A Few Experiments Worth Seeing

In studying about our Fives Senses, we have enjoyed exploring our sense of touch, hearing, and taste. Our most recent exploration has been with our sense of sight.  We rely very much on our sight to move around and see things every day.  Our eyes are very complex in how they work. Home Science Tools gives

Hovercraft Balloon

Create your own Hovercraft Balloon! Materials: 1 Balloon 1 water bottle sport-top (or one from a liquid dish-soap) 1 old CD or DVD Glue Duct tape Directions: 1.  Glue the sport-top on tope of the hold of the CD and let it dry thoroughly. 2.  Tape the top's base with duct tape.  This is to ensure

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