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When Kids Crying is Actually Kind of Funny

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We probably don't remember crying over spilled milk - literally, but it probably happened. Granted, an upset child is usually not funny and no laughing matter! It's loud and upsetting... but sometimes the reason for the tears is so ridiculous you have to laugh. We came across a bunch of photos with original captions on why their kid is crying from Distractify of kids crying for ridiculous reasons (to us at least...)  Everything is twice as extreme when [...]

Kids being Kids

Your Daily Zen|

  Kids can be a little messy at time, a little loud... a little hell bent on destroying your house? I'm not sure if you've ever visited Sh*t My Kids Ruined but it'll make you laugh and cringe (sometimes at the same time). Here are some of my favorite examples of kids being kids, with the commentary from their parents:   "Lesson in parenting a toddler: just because the toddler has handled something gently in the [...]

Creative Writing Prompts for Kids: Word Birds

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Kids are SO creative it's almost unfair. There's no filter, judgement or fear that someone won't like it. It's just hilarious, creative words put to paper. It's not automatic, however, sometimes creative writing prompts for kids are in order. Have you ever looked at old drawings, reports for class or writing projects you wrote as a little one and went "...Okay, a castle on the moon that is made entirely out of Hawaiian pizza... how [...]

Kids Birthday Cake Ideas


Today we have some kids birthday cake ideas to get you thinking about the next cake you'll make. Ordering a cake from a supermarket is such a no-no and you know which ones I'm talking about: the quarter slab 60% icing monstrosities kids seem to love... Okay, if someone handed me a piece of Costco cake I wouldn't turn it down but I also wouldn't feel very good about it. And yes... I would probably [...]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas – With a Personal Touch

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Every year when Father's Day comes around, I start scratching my head... thinking about a perfect gift to give.  Our Dad in the family is probably the hardest person to shop for.  He never has a wish list of any kind, and there is never anything he seems to need or want.  This makes it especially hard when wanting to present him with a gift! So most of the time, we make gift-giving to him [...]

Latest Trend: Rainbow Loom Bracelets

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Remember friendship bracelets? All of those spools of embroidery thread? Making the Chinese Staircase or the Diamond (full disclosure: I could never quite get the diamond quite right) You would knot your strings and pin it to your pants so you could work on your creation anywhere, and had holes in most of the knees of your jeans... Those were the days! It seems that there's a new trend for boys and girls aged 8-12: [...]

Stress Management Tips for Moms


Mothers - especially new mothers may be overwhelmed at times and it's completely natural. What isn't natural is letting stress consume you as it affects your body, emotions and children. So, take a deep breath and check out some of these stress management tips: 1. Figure out your stress signs When you're able to identify how you react to stress will help you curb your overload mode and these behaviors can affect your kids. Listen to [...]

3 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

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Kids can be picky eaters. This is a pretty well-known fact. And making sure your little ones get all the nutrients they need while catering to their particular tastes can be a challenge. That's why we've put together 3 tasty and healthy lunch ideas that are sure to satisfy your kid's hunger while working around food aversions. Chicken Quesadilla Tortilla and cheese. It's the perfect combination. Opt for a whole-grain flour tortilla to punch up [...]

Is the Chicken Pox Vaccination Safe?


The History of the Chicken Pox Vaccination The chickenpox vaccine was first licensed in United States in 1995 and at the time, it was a one-dose vaccine, in 2006 however a second dose of the vaccine was added.  It was recommended by the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)that children who have not had chicken pox receive both doses -- the first when they are between 12 and 15 months of age and the second [...]

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