Igniting Young Minds

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Seasonal Allergies in Children VS. Asthma


How To Tell if it's Seasonal Allergies It's just as hard to spot whether seasonal allergies are actually just a cold with kids as they are with yourself, but if it seems like your child has the same symptoms at similar parts of the year that last over a week it could be allergies. Some of the symptoms include: Runny nose and sneezing Nasal stuffiness Throat clearing Nose rubbing Sniffling Snorting Itchy, runny eyes One [...]

Kids Birthday Cake Ideas


Today we have some kids birthday cake ideas to get you thinking about the next cake you'll make. Ordering a cake from a supermarket is such a no-no and you know which ones I'm talking about: the quarter slab 60% icing monstrosities kids seem to love... Okay, if someone handed me a piece of Costco cake I wouldn't turn it down but I also wouldn't feel very good about it. And yes... I would probably [...]

3 Star Accessories for Your Kid’s Room

I Want That|

What's more peaceful than a bedroom filled with stars? Whether you want to help your little one sleep better or just want to bring "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to life, these star accessories are certain to help you start a kid's bedroom shopping list. Twinkle Curtain How sweet is this? The blackout curtain is handmade and features cutouts in the shape of stars that actually form a real constellation. If your baby or toddler has [...]

Always on the go?

Inspiration, Your Daily Zen|

Do you find yourself always on the go? As parents and caretakers, we often try to stay one step ahead of the game. We often multi-task because that’s what we do! But every now and again, it’s great to consciously make the effort to be present in order to truly feel and see what is right in front of us. Perhaps you are very good at doing this, and isn’t it a great feeling?! Really [...]

Bedroom Inspiration for Kids


Time for some Sunday inspiration! I'm sure you've wondered how to balance function, organization and design into your child's bedroom -- especially if you have children sharing space. We picked out a bunch of our favorite bedroom inspiration for kids from Pinterest this week that are sure to spark your inner interior designer.  

Hovercraft Balloon


Create your own Hovercraft Balloon! Materials: 1 Balloon 1 water bottle sport-top (or one from a liquid dish-soap) 1 old CD or DVD Glue Duct tape Directions: 1.  Glue the sport-top on tope of the hold of the CD and let it dry thoroughly. 2.  Tape the top's base with duct tape.  This is to ensure that there are no holes between the CD and the sport-top. 3.  Stretch the balloon over the spout. 4.  With [...]

Cabbage Water Movement Experiment

Mini Scientists|

Nothing like a fun little experiment to pique the interest of young minds. An interest in science is something that must be instilled from a young age and that means regularly coming up with new ways for your kids to interact with (and test) the limits of their world. The cabbage (or celery) water movement experiment is very simple but demonstrates how plants work in a straightforward--and colorful--way. Supplies: 1 Napa Cabbage (or Celery) [...]

3 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

What to Eat|

Kids can be picky eaters. This is a pretty well-known fact. And making sure your little ones get all the nutrients they need while catering to their particular tastes can be a challenge. That's why we've put together 3 tasty and healthy lunch ideas that are sure to satisfy your kid's hunger while working around food aversions. Chicken Quesadilla Tortilla and cheese. It's the perfect combination. Opt for a whole-grain flour tortilla to punch up [...]

4 Unique Ways to Say I Love You This Valentine’s Day

I Want That|

Kids give each other the obligatory Valentine's cards each year. Often, parents get their little ones something special to commemorate the day, too, like a stuffed animal or sweet treat. But if you want to say "I love you," in a way that's a bit off the beaten path, we've put together 4 super cute and thoughtful ways to say I love you: Where the Wild Things Are Poster - $37: So, maybe your little [...]

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