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Classic Kids Books


Ah, to be a kid again! Don't get me wrong, there are so many great series out there, but these ones are my go-to faves. There are always a handful classic kids books you wouldn't mind reading again as an adult. I tend to gravitate towards to ones with animals or fruit (you'll see…) Here are a few of my personal favorites with a brief summery (in case you haven't read them cover to cover 40 [...]

Live as if Every Moment You Were a Muppet

Your Daily Zen|

Kids are great because they're funny (intentionally and unintentionally), imaginative and can be brutally honest. We always forget what it was like to be a kid, but wouldn't it be great if we could live as if every moment you were a Muppet? Image courtesy of How to be a Dad

Easy Crafts Kids Will Love to Do at Home (with videos)

Boredom Busters, What to Make|

Here are some really easy crafts kids will love and provides a great playtime of creativity and imagination. The materials required are items you'll have around the house or in your existing art supplies. Share your finished projects with us as you complete them! Moving Paper Shark Tips: Instead of the black paper for the eyes, you can replace them by coloring in the eyes instead Same thing with [...]

Inflatable Ball Pits for Toddlers and Kids

I Want That|

So, this might seem a bit random but you know how when you take your kid to Chuck E. Cheese or something and they spend what seems like hours in the ball pit? Well, you can bring this little bit of magic home with you--without all the co-mingling germs! The answer is simple: inflatable ball pits. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Playland If your child loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this ball pit is a [...]

Easy Slow Cooker Recipes: Chicken Tortilla Soup

What to Eat|

I love my slow cooker more than I love most things. That sounds extreme - but what other appliance can cook your food overnight without the threat of burning down your house? Exactly. I think the ONLY downside to owning a slow cooker is the smell that wafts through your house at night. It's tempting but fight the urge to open the fridge at midnight. Today we have another one of those super easy slow [...]


Your Daily Zen|

Who says an elphant has to be gray? If your child chooses to color in their elephant half purple and half blue, why not!? It makes for a more colorful and cheerful image! Enjoy watching your child make color choices that make their art unique!

One Thing At A Time

ItsySparks, Your Daily Zen|

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and think it feels impossible to get all that you have to do, done? You are not alone! Breathe. And then say to yourself “One thing at a time.” Have 3 loads of laundry to put away… from last week!? A LONG holiday to do list? Or something similar? Say, and repeat to yourself, “One thing at a time.” Put one shirt away, then one pair of socks, then one [...]

Easy Scrapbooking Ideas

What to Make|

If you caught our post on Friday (and if you didn't take a few minutes now and check it out...) you would know why scrapbooking is so neat. Today I wanted to give you some scrapbooking ideas to get you started and to get your kids involved with it too. Obviously a lot of people can dedicate more time to scrapbooking (and it is addictive) but dedicate at least a couple hours one day a [...]



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