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Classic Kids Books


Ah, to be a kid again! Don't get me wrong, there are so many great series out there, but these ones are my go-to faves. There are always a handful classic kids books you wouldn't mind reading again as an adult. I tend to gravitate towards to ones with animals or fruit (you'll see…) Here are a few of my personal favorites with a brief summery (in case you haven't read them cover to cover 40 [...]

DIY Body Lotion

Money Savers, What to Make|

It’s important to pamper yourself every once in a while. And what better way than slathering your hands and feet in a rich emollient cream designed to moisturize and soften your skin? However, if you’re concerned about the chemicals and additives in products like this, you have sensitive skin, or just like to make things yourself, we have a quick recipe for you for a DIY body lotion.  The following has been adapted from Bakerette.com. [...]

Types of Parent Heart Conditions

Your Daily Zen|

I'm not sure if you've ever had a chance to check out the graphics, posts and videos over at How to be a Dad but they're a riot. We've posted a few in the past like: Live as if Every Moment you were a Muppet and What if Apple made Baby Products. Well, today's hilarious infographic is called The Heart of a Parent. Being a parent certainly does some tricky things to your heart. They have the ability [...]

Solutions for Picky Eaters: Chicken Lollipops

What to Eat|

This is a dinner to cure the picky eaters out there of their habit! I love chicken skewers (or chicken lollipops as they're sometimes called) even now as an adult. Really, the chicken is just a vessel for delicious dipping sauces anyway, but isn't that how most veggies are for kids? This is a super easy recipe, and better yet - they can be frozen too for quick weeknight meals or a weekend snack. Moms [...]

Presidents Day for Kids

Your Daily Zen|

Now, I'm new to Kid President but he is a YouTube personality. After googling Presidents Day for kids for a few days I thought this was well worth sharing rather than a dull Presidents Day lesson for kids. As a Canadian, American holidays always creep up on me, I'm still learning, but also as a Canadian we're often too nice, passive and say sorry way too much - at least that's the stereotype. Well, it's [...]

Healthy Supplementary Diet for Your Kids


When kids are five years of age; youngsters ought to be consuming a comparative eating regimen to whatever is left of the family and joining in with family dinners. Anyway as in any case they're developing, they may require a couple of additional items to guarantee they get enough vitality. Check ways to incorporate a healthy supplementary diet for your kids.   Verify the Whole Family Eats Well Youngsters will just create good dieting propensities [...]

Kids Birthday Cake Ideas: Piñata Cake

What to Eat|

We did a post last week on a few kids birthday cake ideas to get you excited to think outside of the box for your child's birthday cake - and we have the perfect cake for you! I saw the Piñata cake posted on a few sites - one is actually a piñata cake for adults if you can imagine, which is also an awesome idea. I can't WAIT to try these out and I'm already [...]

How to Build a Soccer Net

Backyard Projects|

Soccer is a great sport for a number of reasons: minimal equipment required, it's a great source of exercise and you can do it right in your backyard. Making one might be one of the easier projects you'll do in your backyard and can be finished in one afternoon. If you don't have the tools to cut it at home don't fret! Home Depot is great because they'll actually cut the pieces for you (wood [...]

Earth Day Recycled Bugs

Boredom Busters, What to Make|

Spring into Earth Day this month with projects that remind us to reduce, reuse, and recycle!  Help the environment by re-using craft materials such as shipping boxes, paper towel rolls, and egg cartons in your projects and feel great about your part in helping our Earth! Keep the conversation going and help your kids develop strong language skills, creativity, and confidence! All our projects come with curated theme-based activities at do at home: [...]

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