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3 Creative Growth Charts

When I was little, my parents tracked my height on the wall in our kitchen. Little pencil marks are notched up the wall, keeping track of my growth over the years. It was always so exciting to see how much I’d grown. But there are so many more fun options available nowadays that make tracking your child’s growth easier and creates a lovely keepsake when he or she is all grown up.

Here are 3 creative growth charts we found that are inspiring, cute, and fun:

Creative Growth Charts

Miss Natalie’s Growth Chart

This chart is portable, simple, and super cute. It comes in an heirloom box complete with the burlap ribbon, tags, safety pins, a nail for hanging, and a muslin bag for storage. It has a nice rustic look that should go nicely with most decor as well.

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Creative Growth Chart


Giant Ruler – Children’s Growth Chart

Yes, it’s just a giant ruler but c’mon–it’s a giant ruler! It’s simple and offers the perfect, go-to spot to record your child’s height. It’s also handmade and allows you to mark those big milestones however you’d like.

Creative Growth Chart

Green and Pink Fabric Growth Chart

Another Etsy find, this chart features green embroidery and pink buttons. The “foot” marks are indicated with stamps along one side and it’s the perfect addition to any little girl’s room. Sewn pockets are at each end so the included wooden rods can be inserted to make hanging the chart a snap. It also comes with a fabric marking pen.

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