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Wall Decals for Kids


In my many searches this week I came across wall decals for kids. They're the perfect way to spruce up a room without sitting through hours of paint samples, painting the room, making sure you don't drip paint everywhere, and eventually end up resenting the color you chose to paint the room in the first place! They've been very trendy for the last year or so because they're so easy to use. If you're feeling ambitious [...]

Diary of a Smart Black Kid – Sixth Grade

Books, Brain Food|

‘Diary of a Smart Black Kid- Sixth Grade is a chapter book that describes a black child entering junior high.  The main character named Baron, who will find out all about dealing with advanced courses, dealing with bullies and dealing (working) through PUBERTY.  Baron has his adventures and his dreams, but first he has to survive his family and the sixth grade.    David M. Taylor II is the author of ‘Diary of a Smart [...]

Make Your Own Candy Hearts

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Valentine's Day is fast approaching which means it's time to get going on your craft projects. If you want your home to be thoroughly decked out with red and pink hearts and all things cherub, now is the time to start gathering your materials and plans. One way to really make a statement--literally--is to make your own candy hearts. Not only will they be tasty, they can be customized to include whatever messages you'd like. [...]

Play board games with the Family!

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Board games are a great way to spend family time together! Children learn a lot of lessons from playing them too, such as sharing and taking turns. Did you have a favorite board game growing up? Do you have a favorite board game you play with your children? Please share!

Easy Brunch Ideas for Kids

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I love brunch, you love brunch. What about kids brunch though? Our idea of a successful brunch might be bottomless mimosas and a twist on a traditional eggs benny - but that's not exactly kid friendly is it? I have a couple go-to easy brunch ideas for kids that they'll enjoy: English-Muffin Egg Pizzas You'll Need 4  Whole wheat English muffins Olive oil Tomato slices 2 hard boiled eggs, sliced Grated mozzarella Oregano Kosher salt Directions [...]

Color Changing Flower Science Experiment

ItsySparks, Mini Scientists|

With this fun science experiment, you can show how stems are important to bringing water and nutrients to a plant. But warn your little ones that they will have to be patient before they can observe any changes. My boys always look forward to exciting and instant results in our science experiments at home, so I had to explain that this one would take some time before we could see any results!  They still had [...]

Stress Management Tips for Moms


Mothers - especially new mothers may be overwhelmed at times and it's completely natural. What isn't natural is letting stress consume you as it affects your body, emotions and children. So, take a deep breath and check out some of these stress management tips: 1. Figure out your stress signs When you're able to identify how you react to stress will help you curb your overload mode and these behaviors can affect your kids. Listen to [...]

Easy Slow Cooker Chicken and Sweet Potatoes Recipe

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You're busy. We get it. Believe us, we understand. There's nothing better than a home-cooked meal but finding the time to prep food and cook everything can feel next to impossible when you're a parent to young children. That's why we're big fans of "cook everything in one pot" sort of recipes. The slow cooker is your friend! All you have to do is set some time aside in the morning (you could even prep veggies [...]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas – With a Personal Touch

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Every year when Father's Day comes around, I start scratching my head... thinking about a perfect gift to give.  Our Dad in the family is probably the hardest person to shop for.  He never has a wish list of any kind, and there is never anything he seems to need or want.  This makes it especially hard when wanting to present him with a gift! So most of the time, we make gift-giving to him [...]

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