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The Card People Volume 2 Identity Swap

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The Card People  Volume 2  Identity Swap James Sulzer 2018 ISBN:  978-0-9998089-4-8 Fuze Publishing 247 pages “Who’s ready for another card game?”  ‘Identity Swap’ is another trip into nanotechnology.  Paul continues his voyage to continue his father’s work in a way.  Paul has a change of appearance because of his father’s discovery and invention.  In this story Paul works with a friend named Jack and another named Brinda.  This part of the story had [...]

The Card People

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The Card People James Sulzer 2016 ISBN:  978-0-9974956-7-6 Fuze Publishing 274 pages “Who’s ready for a card game?” James Sulzer has written a young adult novel entitled ‘The Card People’.  This is the story of Paul Kapadia and his voyage to know his father and continue his dad’s work.  Paul’s dad was into nanotechnology and with a deck of cards that he and his dad used came alive and asked for help to combat [...]

Sammy, the Station Wagon

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  “Vroom, vroom!”  ‘Sammy, the Station Wagon is a children’s picture book written by Tal Nuriel and Aidar Zlinesheu is the story of an ordinary car that is special and will deal with personal and professional nature.  Sammy is a station wagon who needs to learn the basics of being a car and learning how to learn that being different is just a part of the self.  Sammy does learn what makes him kind of special.    In writing ‘Sammy, the [...]

Flower Moon

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‘Flower Moon’ written by Gina Linka is a story of twins Tally and Tempest.  This is the story of sisters and what they grow to do with their lives in their families.  One summer these two sisters learn more about themselves while on summer vacation while working with a carnival Tally is the twin that seems to learn the most over this summer.    ‘Flower Moon’ is a middle school novel that teaches how [...]

Diary of a Smart Black Kid – Sixth Grade

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‘Diary of a Smart Black Kid- Sixth Grade is a chapter book that describes a black child entering junior high.  The main character named Baron, who will find out all about dealing with advanced courses, dealing with bullies and dealing (working) through PUBERTY.  Baron has his adventures and his dreams, but first he has to survive his family and the sixth grade.    David M. Taylor II is the author of ‘Diary of a Smart [...]

Cress Caterpillars

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Continuing the topic of Earth Day this month, we are excited to share with you Cress Caterpillars! Keep the conversation going and help your kids develop strong language skills, creativity, and confidence! All our projects come with curated theme-based activities at do at home: STEM Book Recommendations Fun Moves Yummy Bites Word Bank Cress Caterpillars Create and watch your Cress Caterpillar grow! Materials: Cress seeds or any [...]

Earth Day Recycled Bugs

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Spring into Earth Day this month with projects that remind us to reduce, reuse, and recycle!  Help the environment by re-using craft materials such as shipping boxes, paper towel rolls, and egg cartons in your projects and feel great about your part in helping our Earth! Keep the conversation going and help your kids develop strong language skills, creativity, and confidence! All our projects come with curated theme-based activities at do at home: [...]

Easy Crafts Kids Will Love to Do at Home (with videos)

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Here are some really easy crafts kids will love and provides a great playtime of creativity and imagination. The materials required are items you'll have around the house or in your existing art supplies. Share your finished projects with us as you complete them! Moving Paper Shark Tips: Instead of the black paper for the eyes, you can replace them by coloring in the eyes instead Same thing with [...]

Kid Safe Spring Cleaning Products

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It's that time of year again! The one we all dread. The Easter bunny is about to make an appearance but before he does, you need to get rid of some other bunnies, of the dust variety. Yes, it's time for spring cleaning and for many that means pulling out highly-toxic chemical laden cleaners and products that require a ton of ventilation to use and even then still aren't safe. This is even more [...]

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