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Inspiration, Your Daily Zen|

Do you ever feel like you are spending a little more time than you’d like on something, because you are trying to make it “perfect” or “just right?” It’s likely that whatever you are trying to perfect is absolutely fine just the way it is! Trying to make things “perfect” can sometimes hold you back longer than is necessary. If you ever find yourself in this situation, take a deep breath, and let it be [...]

Memories through Pictures, Traditions, and More

What to Make|

As I watch the boys grow up, all of those cliché expressions about time passing by can feel so true.  People always told me, “They’ll be all grown up in the blink of an eye,” and I see how that can happen now.  Although our two boys are both still young in age, my journey in parenthood that started 6 years ago, sure feels like it's flown by.   I get all of these crazy ideas [...]

DIY: How to Make Crystals

Mini Scientists|

Imagine learning how to make crystals? Well, now you can. I wish my parents knew about crystal egg geodes when I was little because I'm thinking about making them this weekend. This is a really cool science experiment to try out with your kids because it teaches them about growth and chemical reactions - but most importantly, patience! This science project takes a few days depending on how large you want your crystals but it is [...]

Watercolor Valentine Project

What to Make|

We love Valentine’s Day! We love feeling the fuzzy warm spirit in the air, and seeing all of the festive heart shapes everywhere. This year, the boys are definitely excited about exchanging Valentines with friends and family! It's so cute! It's only 4 days away and we thought this fun watercolor project would be a great Valentine’s gift from kids. Each watercolor craft will come out unique as they add their personal touch to it [...]

Imaginative Play

Your Daily Zen|

Imaginative (or dramatic) play is so important – children learn so much by imagining and playing! Imaginative play builds thinking, social, and language skills among other things. Does building forts out of couch cushions sound familiar? Playing restaurant or store? Please share some of your children’s favorite ideas of imaginative play!

Children’s Art

Your Daily Zen|

Children's art should be fun and full of their personality. If this means that their final project looks different than you imagined, or not as neat as you thought -- that's exactly how it should be! Go with it, and enjoy that smile on your child's face that comes with the feeling of pride from making their own art work!

How to Make Pom Poms

What to Make|

For some pom poms are one thing I have never forgotten how to make - unlike forgetting how to knit, crochet, boil an egg properly... You can use pom poms for just about anything, zipper pulls, on the tops or ends of winter hats, keychains... the possibilities are endless. It's a great little craft that can take a short or long period of time depending on the size and you can get rid of all [...]

Rainbow Waffles

What to Eat|

Never has the saying, "Taste the rainbow," been more appropriate. I mean, just look at these rainbow waffles! They're colorful, fun, and absolutely tasty. Your kids won't be able to resist the flavor/fun combo here. And they're super easy to make, which is a relief for you busy moms out there. This recipe is from Tablespoon. Ingredients: Boxed waffle mix Food coloring Whipped cream Instructions: Follow the instructions on the box of waffle mix to [...]

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