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Exercise at Home

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No matter what your schedule is like you should be exercising. Personally I don't have a gym membership but I do make sure I get enough cardio and strength training in during my week - and sometimes I don't even use weights! You can absolutely tone and strengthen your muscles at home by setting aside a half an hour or so of your day to exercise at home. Here are some of my favorite easy [...]

Books About Inspiring Women


If you're looking for books for your daughter try a few of these books about inspiring women out. They're educational and sure to inspire your little one. Marvelous Mattie: How Margaret E. Knight Became an Inventor By Emily Arnold McCully Margaret E. Knight has been called "the most famous 19th-century woman inventor" In this book we learn about stories of invention and about a woman who stood up for herself and learns from her mistakes. [...]

Healthy Pasta Dish Your Kids Will Love

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We're big on quick and easy meals around here. But we're also big on health. However, staying healthy and appealing to tiny tastebuds can be a challenge. Thankfully, this healthy pasta dish is sure to be a crowd favorite. It's a vegetarian take on lasagna and takes half the time to make. This recipe is adapted from Disney Family and offers all the flavor with none of the hassle. This dish starts on the stovetop [...]

Healthy Mac and Cheese for Kids

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Mac and Cheese is such a comfort food but a healthy Mac and Cheese is even better. You can still get that delicious creamy consistency without all that butter - as tasty as it is. This is a super simple recipe your kids will love and there is a hidden vegetable involved too! This is the Gluten-Free version, but you can obviously swamp out for a whole wheat pasta as well. You'll Need 2 cups [...]

So very good for the soul

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Laughter is so very good for the soul! Do you know of or have a young child who can appreciate and tell jokes? Children’s jokes are so funny because a lot of times, they make more sense to them than to us! Knock-knock jokes are popular at this young age! What is your child’s favorite joke to tell?    

DIY Rain Boots for Kids Inspiration

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Well, April showers bring May flowers (right?) I wonder if that rhyme still applies with all this crazy weather everyone has been getting... Well, it's warm in Los Angeles right now but we did have some rain this month, as you all know... and during all of that torrential downpour I did realize that there was one thing I didn't have in my wardrobe: rain boots. Now, rain boots for kids and adults can be [...]

Lunch Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

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Do you and your family celebrate and take part in St. Patrick's Day traditions?  How about preparing them a St. Patrick's Day themed lunch? We collected some cute kids' lunch ideas for you to enjoy.  Although St. Patrick's Day falls on a Sunday this year, you could still prepare them a themed lunch at home, or send them to school with it on the Friday before.  They will love it!   IPackLunch packed a St. [...]

DIY Organic Fruit and Vegetable Wash

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Rinsing your fruit under the sink isn't quite enough when it comes to making sure your produce is clean. It looks and smells clean but without using a fruit and vegetable wash that includes a disinfectant you can't be sure your produce is safe to eat. We all know that organic is preferable when it comes to your fruit and veggie haul, but, what happens when organic isn't available or too expensive? Pesticides left [...]

DIY Rain Boots for Kids

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Last week we had an inspiration post of a couple examples of DIY rain boots for kids. Yes, homemade rain boots - it's a simple project that can either sprue up an old pair of generic rain boots or if you're tight on cash it can make any boot a little cuter and YES these are a great idea for adult boots too and I'm already sitting here thinking of cute combinations to use... You'll [...]



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