Igniting Young Minds

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Live as if Every Moment You Were a Muppet

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Kids are great because they're funny (intentionally and unintentionally), imaginative and can be brutally honest. We always forget what it was like to be a kid, but wouldn't it be great if we could live as if every moment you were a Muppet? Image courtesy of How to be a Dad

Easy Paper Helicopter Template

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This is an easy to make paper helicopter template from NASA. The PDF of the template is linked below. Background Air must move across the surface of a wing to produce lift. To fly, birds and insects use a flapping motion to move the air over and around the wing surface. The wings of airplanes are attached to the fuselage in a fixed position. Lift is generated by moving the entire wing and [...]

Gardening with Kids: Getting Inspired

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Gardening with kids is a mix of fun, exercise and education (and a little dose of vitamin D from Mr. Sun couldn't hurt either after all of this winter. Think about it - did you ever think about just how much exercise you're getting when you're in your garden? The bending and squatting. Remember the 100 squats a day movement? Well who needs it now that you can get back in the dirt? As a [...]

Fix Your Grammar

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Your vs. you're Their vs. there vs. they're Can you imagine if I misspelled the article and wrote "Fix You're Grammar"? It would be super embarrassing but sometimes you're not thinking... or is it "your not thinking?" Anyway, we could all use a little lesson on contractions. People overuse the word "literally" literally like all the time - see what I mean? If you have a teen or tween this might be a good video to [...]

Easy Slow Cooker Recipes: Chicken Tortilla Soup

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I love my slow cooker more than I love most things. That sounds extreme - but what other appliance can cook your food overnight without the threat of burning down your house? Exactly. I think the ONLY downside to owning a slow cooker is the smell that wafts through your house at night. It's tempting but fight the urge to open the fridge at midnight. Today we have another one of those super easy slow [...]

3 School Approved Sandwiches Your Kids Won’t Trade

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School lunches are a hard for a slew of reasons, potential allergies aside, trying to transport healthy options isn't the easiest task. Bruised fruit, squished sandwiches, lost lunch containers... We looked high and low for some great sandwich options, so we'll take a little of the guess work out of your lunch prep and give you a few new school approved sandwiches to throw into the rotation. Smoked Turkey Sandwich With Paprika Mayonnaise Ingredients 2 tablespoons mayonnaise [...]

DIY Bottle Piggy Bank

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Piggy banks are the classic way to teach kids the value of a dollar, so instead of wasting those dollars on a store bought piggy bank, why not make a customized one from recycled materials: the DIY Bottle Piggy Bank. You remember papier-mâché, don't you? If not, here's a recipe for it. Sure it's a little messy but it's incredibly easy to do and you likely have all of the materials sitting around.   You'll [...]

The Best Gifts to Buy Your Kids This Holiday Season

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Introduction You've got a lot on your plate this holiday season, so we're here to help. We've scoured the internet and come up with the best gifts for kids of all ages and interests. These toys are sure to make their holiday season extra special! Original LEGO Mini Figures Lego minifigures are a great gift for children. They're small, light, and durable enough to be carried around easily. They can be used to play [...]

Healthy Vegetarian Chili Recipe

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Meals you can cook in bulk are a favorite around here. Stews, soups, and chili all work well because they usually only take one pot to make and it's easy to increase the ingredients to have more servings on hand. This recipe is a simple vegetarian chili recipe that foregoes meat with several kinds of beans. It's rich in protein and veggies and has plenty of spice to keep it interesting. Ingredients 2 tbsp Olive [...]



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