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The National Crafting Month Giveaway from Kiwi Crate


March is National Crafting Month and Kiwi Crate wants to get your creative juices flowing. Can you imagine an super cute AND (gasp!) an organized craft room? Well, Kiwi Crate is partnering with Highlights Magazine and YoYo.com to offer your kid(s) a dream craft room! Celebrate with ItsySparks and Kiwi Crate this month and enter your family into a giveaway of a lifetime! How to Enter Contest goes from now till Monday March 31, 2014 Click the image [...]

Cheesecake Cookie Cups

What to Eat|

These delicious Cheesecake Cookie Cups are so very simple to make and taste so yummy -- just our kind of recipe! We love how this dessert is prepared in individual cupcake liners!  And our other favorite part -- the chocolate chip cookie crust!! Look at the cookie crust! YUM! Here’s a brief visual explanation of the recipe: Use refrigerated prepared cookie dough to make the crust. Just pop the cookie dough "squares" [...]

Presidents Day for Kids

Your Daily Zen|

Now, I'm new to Kid President but he is a YouTube personality. After googling Presidents Day for kids for a few days I thought this was well worth sharing rather than a dull Presidents Day lesson for kids. As a Canadian, American holidays always creep up on me, I'm still learning, but also as a Canadian we're often too nice, passive and say sorry way too much - at least that's the stereotype. Well, it's [...]

DIY Bubble Recipe

Mini Scientists|

There's something about blowing bubbles that just excites kids like no other. The idea of going outside and chasing those bubbles around is almost enough to transport me back in time to when I was little doing the very same. To bring that little bit of magic to your child's life, we've found a DIY bubble recipe you can whip up yourself in no time. This recipe is from Buggy and Buddy. Ingredients: 2/3 cup [...]

The Card People

Books, Brain Food|

The Card People James Sulzer 2016 ISBN:  978-0-9974956-7-6 Fuze Publishing 274 pages “Who’s ready for a card game?” James Sulzer has written a young adult novel entitled ‘The Card People’.  This is the story of Paul Kapadia and his voyage to know his father and continue his dad’s work.  Paul’s dad was into nanotechnology and with a deck of cards that he and his dad used came alive and asked for help to combat [...]

Easy Paper Helicopter Template

Boredom Busters, DIY, What to Make|

This is an easy to make paper helicopter template from NASA. The PDF of the template is linked below. Background Air must move across the surface of a wing to produce lift. To fly, birds and insects use a flapping motion to move the air over and around the wing surface. The wings of airplanes are attached to the fuselage in a fixed position. Lift is generated by moving the entire wing and [...]

8 Life Skills That Kids Get from Doing Crafts

What to Make|

We love how 5 Recipes for Life explained why crafts are so important for kids... Art paper and crayons may seem “boring” and “outdated” to a child who’s used to flashy video games and battery-operated toys. However, many experts urge parents to get kids to do at least one hour of arts and crafts a week. Your child may balk a bit (“But mom, my favorite cartoon is showing!”) but he’ll eventually enjoy it…and will [...]

Baked Vegetable Egg Roll Recipe

What to Eat|

If you've ever had a craving for Chinese food you know you're looking for something salty and satisfying. Problem is, most of it is deep fried. Well we're here to the rescue with a healthier version of everyone's favorite: the baked vegetable egg roll. You'll Need Nonstick cooking spray, for greasing 2 Tablespoons toasted sesame oil 2 Tablespoons soy sauce 1 Tablespoon minced ginger 1 Tablespoon hoisin sauce 1 Clove grated garlic 2 Tablespoons canola [...]

Solutions for Picky Eaters: Chicken Lollipops

What to Eat|

This is a dinner to cure the picky eaters out there of their habit! I love chicken skewers (or chicken lollipops as they're sometimes called) even now as an adult. Really, the chicken is just a vessel for delicious dipping sauces anyway, but isn't that how most veggies are for kids? This is a super easy recipe, and better yet - they can be frozen too for quick weeknight meals or a weekend snack. Moms [...]

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