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Sometimes, we are very quick to reprimand or give consequences to our children before taking the time to see the situation or feelings from their eyes. Try to connect with them first and it may give you a better understanding of their behavior, giving you more patience and empathy towards your child. If you try this, please share with us your thoughts and what happened! We would love to hear!

Organic Baby Food Brands

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As a mom, you want to provide your little one with the best things possible in life. And right from the outset that means optimal nutrition. Many choose to purchase organic baby food once their babies start venturing into solids because it contains no pesticides, additives, or other unhealthy stuff that can impede health. If you want to get your baby on the organic path, the following organic baby food brands should help you start [...]

Natural Remedies for Diaper Rash


There is nothing more stressful than an uncomfortable baby rashes happen every so often and when it happens - you'll be prepared with the following natural remedies for diaper rash with this handy list! Diaper Rash Causes Wet or dirty diapers left on too long Diaper chafing Yeast infection Bacterial infection Allergic reaction to the diaper itself   Coconut Oil Coconut oil works wonders for a number of things so it's natural that it would [...]

Sense of Sight – A Few Experiments Worth Seeing

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In studying about our Fives Senses, we have enjoyed exploring our sense of touch, hearing, and taste. Our most recent exploration has been with our sense of sight.  We rely very much on our sight to move around and see things every day.  Our eyes are very complex in how they work. Home Science Tools gives a great explanation: How do our eyes work? The little dark circle in the center of each of your eyes [...]


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Expose your children to different genres of writing. Many of us are familiar with reading picture books to our children, but don’t forget about other genres of writing too, for example non-fiction and poetry! What do you read most often to your children? What other genre(s) of writing might you consider reading to your children to add more variety at this time?

Rainbow Waffles

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Never has the saying, "Taste the rainbow," been more appropriate. I mean, just look at these rainbow waffles! They're colorful, fun, and absolutely tasty. Your kids won't be able to resist the flavor/fun combo here. And they're super easy to make, which is a relief for you busy moms out there. This recipe is from Tablespoon. Ingredients: Boxed waffle mix Food coloring Whipped cream Instructions: Follow the instructions on the box of waffle mix to [...]

DIY Homemade Italian Seasoning

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Salad dressing, meats, soups - it seems like so many of your recipes require Italian seasoning and why haven't you ever tried to make your own? I'm sure you have all the seasoning laying around anyway and if you don't - they're relatively inexpensive and you'll have homemade Italian Seasoning for months! When you're done getting all creative in the kitchen - why not put your plethora of spice into a mason jar? They're airtight [...]

Earth Day Recycled Bugs

Boredom Busters, What to Make|

Spring into Earth Day this month with projects that remind us to reduce, reuse, and recycle!  Help the environment by re-using craft materials such as shipping boxes, paper towel rolls, and egg cartons in your projects and feel great about your part in helping our Earth! Keep the conversation going and help your kids develop strong language skills, creativity, and confidence! All our projects come with curated theme-based activities at do at home: [...]

Easy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

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Breakfast is super important as you may have heard from your own mother years ago when you "weren't hungry" all of those mornings... It happens to all of us, we skip breakfast for days or weeks at a time not realizing just how important it is for your brain to function and getting that boost of energy. So as important as it is for you - it's twice as important for your child to have [...]

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