Igniting Young Minds

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The National Crafting Month Giveaway from Kiwi Crate


March is National Crafting Month and Kiwi Crate wants to get your creative juices flowing. Can you imagine an super cute AND (gasp!) an organized craft room? Well, Kiwi Crate is partnering with Highlights Magazine and YoYo.com to offer your kid(s) a dream craft room! Celebrate with ItsySparks and Kiwi Crate this month and enter your family into a giveaway of a lifetime! How to Enter Contest goes from now till Monday March 31, 2014 Click the image [...]

Family Traditions

What to Do|

Family traditions can be so much fun and create lasting memories! Did you grow up with fall or Thanksgiving traditions? Have you started any new traditions with your family? If not, are there any traditions you might start in the near future? Share with us!


Your Daily Zen|

Who says an elphant has to be gray? If your child chooses to color in their elephant half purple and half blue, why not!? It makes for a more colorful and cheerful image! Enjoy watching your child make color choices that make their art unique!

Easy Pasta Salad

What to Eat|

Pasta salad is one of those things that reminds you of summer picnics. It can be nice and light but very satisfying as well. What's better than pasta? An easy pasta salad... There are some good things about pasta: kids love it, adults love it - who doesn't love it? However, we know the dangers of pasta as well, so for this recipe we're using whole wheat pasta.This recipe is super easy to make and [...]

Activity Jar

Your Daily Zen|

Collect your fun ideas and activities in a jar. Sit with your children, and brainstorm ideas and activities in advance. Use craft sticks or paper, and place them all in a recycled jar or box. You can collect ideas for just about anything: “Healthy Snack Ideas” “When I feel Mad, I Can…” “Things I Can Play on My Own” “Fun Rain Day Ideas”...what would you put in this jar?

Birthday Party Ideas for Girls


When you google birthday party ideas for girls, you're always going to have that 9/10 pink ratio. Everything is pink or a princess party. Granted, lots of girls want a pink princess party but we're going to give you a few other options. Yes, there may be some pink in this inspiration post but switch it to your daughter's favorite color.  Now, personally I wasn't a party kid. My mother would usually take us to [...]

Cabbage Water Movement Experiment

Mini Scientists|

Nothing like a fun little experiment to pique the interest of young minds. An interest in science is something that must be instilled from a young age and that means regularly coming up with new ways for your kids to interact with (and test) the limits of their world. The cabbage (or celery) water movement experiment is very simple but demonstrates how plants work in a straightforward--and colorful--way. Supplies: 1 Napa Cabbage (or Celery) [...]

Natural Remedies for Diaper Rash


There is nothing more stressful than an uncomfortable baby rashes happen every so often and when it happens - you'll be prepared with the following natural remedies for diaper rash with this handy list! Diaper Rash Causes Wet or dirty diapers left on too long Diaper chafing Yeast infection Bacterial infection Allergic reaction to the diaper itself   Coconut Oil Coconut oil works wonders for a number of things so it's natural that it would [...]

Gardening with Kids: Eggshell Seedlings

What to Do|

The best kind of home DIY projects are the kind that use recycled materials, and this one does just that. Since summer is coming, we're doing a series of posts on gardening with kids to get your children excited to learn about the delicate ecosystem we live in. Developing an admiration for nature at a young age is so key, and it will shape their personalities. Bonus points if you start your own backyard composer [...]



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