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Exercise at Home

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No matter what your schedule is like you should be exercising. Personally I don't have a gym membership but I do make sure I get enough cardio and strength training in during my week - and sometimes I don't even use weights! You can absolutely tone and strengthen your muscles at home by setting aside a half an hour or so of your day to exercise at home. Here are some of my favorite easy [...]

Sensory Stimulation Activities for Babies

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This week I came across two of the most creative (and dirt cheap) sensory stimulation activities for babies from Hands on as we Grow. It's important for kids to explore textures in a safe way and bonus! Both of these activities have to do with food! This is great because you know we're advocates of sneaking food and veggies into recipes - now we can do it with playtime! Check out these awesome activities from [...]

Easy Crafts Kids Will Love to Do at Home (with videos)

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Here are some really easy crafts kids will love and provides a great playtime of creativity and imagination. The materials required are items you'll have around the house or in your existing art supplies. Share your finished projects with us as you complete them! Moving Paper Shark Tips: Instead of the black paper for the eyes, you can replace them by coloring in the eyes instead Same thing with [...]

So very good for the soul

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Laughter is so very good for the soul! Do you know of or have a young child who can appreciate and tell jokes? Children’s jokes are so funny because a lot of times, they make more sense to them than to us! Knock-knock jokes are popular at this young age! What is your child’s favorite joke to tell?    

Gardening with Kids: DIY Rain Boot Planters

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I came across great post from Rosina Huber that I thought would be perfect for Itsy's Gardening with Kids series. This is a great project if you have a bunch of old rain boots laying around that you can't seem to part with but don't know what to do with them. Your kids will love being a part of this great project. Consider planting flowers or herbs that attract bees! Bees are our friends and unfortunately [...]


Mini Scientists|

My son loves to mix ingredients and get down and dirty!  He has had a lot of experience making dough by mixing in various liquids and powdery substances together.  However, he was in for a surprise when he mixed some cornstarch and water to make some Oobleck! 2 parts of corn starch and 1 part of water Oobleck is a non-newtonian fluid.  It basically acts like a liquid when being poured but acts [...]

Our Favorite Dr. Suess Quotes

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Dr. Suess books are some of the most brilliant pieces of children's literature, packed with lessons and whimsical illustrations. There are also a fair amount of fabulous quotes to think about taken from his works. We've posted a few of our very favorite Dr. Suess quotes below that are sure to inspire you.

3 Creative Growth Charts

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When I was little, my parents tracked my height on the wall in our kitchen. Little pencil marks are notched up the wall, keeping track of my growth over the years. It was always so exciting to see how much I'd grown. But there are so many more fun options available nowadays that make tracking your child's growth easier and creates a lovely keepsake when he or she is all grown up. Here are 3 [...]

Affordable Kid’s Bedroom Storage Ideas

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It's a complaint we hear over and over again: "What am I supposed to do with all of my kid's stuff?!" And it's an understandable outburst. Kids amass a ton of things from clothes to toys to everything in between. And with a limited amount of space in your home and a limited amount of cash to deal with it all, you might feel like you're stuck resorting to dumping everything in a closet, [...]



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