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Easy Scrapbooking Ideas

What to Make|

If you caught our post on Friday (and if you didn't take a few minutes now and check it out...) you would know why scrapbooking is so neat. Today I wanted to give you some scrapbooking ideas to get you started and to get your kids involved with it too. Obviously a lot of people can dedicate more time to scrapbooking (and it is addictive) but dedicate at least a couple hours one day a [...]

Solutions for Picky Eaters: Chicken Lollipops

What to Eat|

This is a dinner to cure the picky eaters out there of their habit! I love chicken skewers (or chicken lollipops as they're sometimes called) even now as an adult. Really, the chicken is just a vessel for delicious dipping sauces anyway, but isn't that how most veggies are for kids? This is a super easy recipe, and better yet - they can be frozen too for quick weeknight meals or a weekend snack. Moms [...]

Always on the go?

Inspiration, Your Daily Zen|

Do you find yourself always on the go? As parents and caretakers, we often try to stay one step ahead of the game. We often multi-task because that’s what we do! But every now and again, it’s great to consciously make the effort to be present in order to truly feel and see what is right in front of us. Perhaps you are very good at doing this, and isn’t it a great feeling?! Really [...]

Healthy Desserts: Spinach Brownies

What to Eat|

Okay, you might think I'm completely nuts for the next couple healthy desserts this week but ever since I started subbing cauliflower for potatoes in my diet I've been trying to find substitutions for flour, sugar, etc... It's actually amazing how cocoa and other spices can overpower things like vegetables in desserts and that's exactly what I'm bringing to the table today. On Wednesday I'll post a recipe for a Zucchini Crisp that will blow [...]

Activity Bag

Your Daily Zen|

Do you reach for your electronic device to give to your child when you need to keep them busy at a restaurant or doctor’s office? Try packing a small bag with colored construction paper, crayons, stickers, and reading books and offer to them as an alternative. They will love to doodle and color with you – it’s a great way to bond.

Kids Birthday Cake Ideas: Piñata Cake

What to Eat|

We did a post last week on a few kids birthday cake ideas to get you excited to think outside of the box for your child's birthday cake - and we have the perfect cake for you! I saw the Piñata cake posted on a few sites - one is actually a piñata cake for adults if you can imagine, which is also an awesome idea. I can't WAIT to try these out and I'm already [...]

Bento Box Lunches for Kids


I've spent about 4-6 hours roughly on Pinterest staring at Bento Box lunches for kids (okay, maybe an hour) and they put my salad container to shame let me tell you. I thought I was so cool, with my separate vegetable compartment for carrots and baby tomatoes and dressing compartment. I thought I figured it all out. I would have salad every day and it would be glorious. Well, I still have salad every day [...]

Teaching Kids the Importance of Hand Washing


"And don't forget to wash your hands" You find yourself saying, three to thirty times a day at least. The truth is kids don't always listen nor do they quite understand the importance of washing your hands before a meal or after using the bathroom, so you need to be persistent and have patience because hand washing is your child's best defense against not getting sick and preventing germs from spreading. Germ Talk Germs can [...]

Rainy Day: Indoor Activities for Kids

What to Do|

Whether it's a snow day at school or a literal rainy day inside, we all know that kids need stimulation. I'm sure you've read millions of posts on indoor activities for kids but these ones are tried and tested to make sure your kids don't go stir crazy when they're trapped indoors. Fort Making Seems a little old school, right? Regardless, kids love constructing these pillow castles and it gives them a private (temporary, of [...]

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