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3 Star Accessories for Your Kid’s Room

What’s more peaceful than a bedroom filled with stars? Whether you want to help your little one sleep better or just want to bring “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” to life, these star accessories are certain to help you start a kid’s bedroom shopping list.


Twinkle Curtain

How sweet is this? The blackout curtain is handmade and features cutouts in the shape of stars that actually form a real constellation. If your baby or toddler has trouble napping during the day due to light, this is a must have.


Moon Crib

So, this one doesn’t look all that safe, especially if it’s meant to be used by an infant. But the design of the Moon Crib adorable and it might make a nice, fantasy-inspired bed for an older toddler.

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Large Star Wood Bookcase

This bookcase is handmade from recycled materials, offering a rustic charm to your kid’s bedroom. It’s well-constructed–that is, it can stand up to regular use–and features darling star cutout designs along its sides.

Image source: WallDressedUp

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