It’s a complaint we hear over and over again: “What am I supposed to do with all of my kid’s stuff?!” And it’s an understandable outburst. Kids amass a ton of things from clothes to toys to everything in between. And with a limited amount of space in your home and a limited amount of cash to deal with it all, you might feel like you’re stuck resorting to dumping everything in a closet, slamming the door, and calling it a day.

Thankfully, you don’t have to resort to something so drastic. We’ve put together some affordable kid’s bedroom storage ideas so you can get a handle on the clutter before it overtakes your entire home. There’s a lot of IKEA finds here, but they really seem to have a knack for affordable and practical kid’s storage so we just went with it:

TROFAST Storage Combination with Boxes


With three large containers and six smaller containers, the TROFAST storage system is super convenient. It’s available in a multitude of colors and the containers roll out for easy access for small hands.

IKEA PS FÅNGST Hanging Storage

PS Fangst

The PS FÅNGST can be easily hung from the ceiling or wall and is made of mesh so your kids can see what’s inside. It also features openings for each compartment in different spots so your little ones can throw stuffed animals into the holes. It makes cleanup fun!

Kids Daily Activity Organizer


This 6-shelf hanging closet is similar to hanging storage listed above but is a bit more specific. This one features each day of the week on each shelf allowing your kids to organize their belongings like clothing or activity-related objects for the day of the week.

KUSINER Underbed Storage


You can’t get much more affordable than this. The KUSINER Underbed Storage box is just $8 and can be slid under the bed to store odds and ends and keep them out of sight. It’s made of fabric, easily wipes clean, and features a fun design. You can also fold it flat when not in use.

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Brenda Barron

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Brenda Barron