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Crafts for Kids: Easter Bunny Sock Puppet

Well, it IS still National Craft Month – and Easter is coming up as we all know. You’ve seen the Peeps – so you know it’s coming. Peeps are like the declaration of Easter and I wish they weren’t packed with so much sugar. They do sell the sugar free Peeps now and I’m wondering if I could come up with my own health-peep, though I would be reluctant to use their trade name. Let’s call them Health-Chicks… Okay, maybe let’s just get this crafts for kids post started…

This is a great activity because it gives a second life to single socks – instead of turning them into dust rags 🙂

You’ll Need

  • Any sock of any color or pattern – get creative!
  • Felt or foam for Nose
  • Buttons,  wiggly eyes or felt for Eyes
  • Needle and Thread
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Crafts for Kids


  1. Lay the sock on table with its heel facing up.
  2. Make a cut from the toe of the sock to the beginning of the heel and make sure you cut through the center of the foot section because this will create the two equal Ears.
  3. Turn the sock inside out.
  4. Using a whip stitch, stitch each ear together.
  5. Turn sock right side out and then cut nose and glue on with white or tacky glue.  You can also use sticky-back foam and just press into place.
  6. If using felt or wiggly eyes, glue into place and let dry.  If using buttons, stitch into place.  We used a small black button on top of a white button for each eye or use googly eyes!

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