Diary of a Smart Black Kid- Sixth Grade is a chapter book that describes a black child entering junior high.  The main character named Baron, who will find out all about dealing with advanced courses, dealing with bullies and dealing (working) through PUBERTY.  Baron has his adventures and his dreams, but first he has to survive his family and the sixth grade.   

David M. Taylor II is the author of ‘Diary of a Smart Black Kid’ that was used from and as a realistic standpoint on what junior high school is all about in today’s world society.  He uses the words of the culture to make this book very realistic to this reader.  The illustrations reminded me of the television show ‘South Park’. 

The captions with the pictures clear through the book also helped me understand what the main character goes through at this age level.  Junior high school is all about learning about yourself and learning how to understand others to a point.  It is all about growing up and being accepting of others and self.  ‘Diary of a Smart Black Kid’ is a great book for teaching children about diversity.  He uses language that everyone will understand and maybe even make the reader think back to their junior high/middle school years. 

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