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DIY Rain Boots for Kids Inspiration

Well, April showers bring May flowers (right?) I wonder if that rhyme still applies with all this crazy weather everyone has been getting… Well, it’s warm in Los Angeles right now but we did have some rain this month, as you all know… and during all of that torrential downpour I did realize that there was one thing I didn’t have in my wardrobe: rain boots. Now, rain boots for kids and adults can be ugly, unless you’re willing to spend the cash. Kid grow out of things so quickly though, it’s just not fiscally feasible sometimes to shell out the cash for some items – but you can grab a pair of basic ones at Walmart and DIY a pair.

There are a whole bunch of things you can try from hand painted rain boots, to sparkly spray painted rain boots to lace-up back rain boots! The possibilities are endless. You can have your child paint their own boots. I remember when my mom caught me drawing all over my new white Keds, she was not impressed… no this wasn’t recent, guys! Keds are totally back though, and I keep mine spotless 😉

Check out some inspirational pictures of DIY rainboots, we’ll have a post next week teaching you how to make a pair of your own.

Rain Boots for Kids

Rain Boots for Kids

Rain Boots for Kids

Rain Boots for Kids

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