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Fix Jeans with Holes: Felt Faces

Kids are rough on their clothing. And that can get rough on your wallet, especially when you find yourself needing to replace clothing on a regular basis. I mean, kids grow out of their clothes fast enough as it is! That’s why I really fell in love with this idea. There’s no need to toss out old jeans with holes in the knee when you can turn the hole into a cute (or scary!) face.

This project is super easy and you don’t even need to know how to sew.


  • Sheets of red, white, and black felt
  • Scissors
  • Black thread
  • Sewing needle


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  • Fabric adhesive 



  1. Cut out a circle from the sheet of red felt that’s at least an inch larger all the way around than the hole in the jeans.
  2. Cut out some teeth and eyes from the sheet of white felt. Make the teeth as even or jagged as you like. The eyes can be symmetrical or mismatched. Be creative!
  3. Cut out two smaller circles from the black felt to make pupils for the eyes. Glue or sew the pupils onto the white circles.
  4. Sew or glue the teeth to the red circle of felt. Make sure to adhere just the top edge of the teeth so the points are loose and create more of a three-dimensional look as your child walks around.
  5. Sew or glue the felt circle to the inside of the jeans. Position the circle so the teeth line up with the top of the hole in the knee.
  6. Sew or glue the eyes on above the hole.

knee patch monster 001

Feel free to have some fun with this design. Make the face as cute or scary as you want. Regardless, your kid is sure to appreciate this jean’s fix more than a standard patch.

Image source: bebe a la mode designs

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