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Watercolor Valentine Project

We love Valentine’s Day! We love feeling the fuzzy warm spirit in the air, and seeing all of the festive heart shapes everywhere. This year, the boys are definitely excited about exchanging Valentines with friends and family! It’s so cute!

It’s only 4 days away and we thought this fun watercolor project would be a great Valentine’s gift from kids. Each watercolor craft will come out unique as they add their personal touch to it — and we’re all about THAT! They can write a special message or draw a picture on the backside or inside of their artwork.

Here’s what you’ll need and how to do it:

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Materials needed
Watercolor paper, watercolors, painter’s tape, paint brush, bowl of water to dip brush into.

Now it’s time to be creative!
1. Cut the painter’s tape, and tape it onto the paper creating a design that you like.
2. Paint over the tape with your favorite water color.
Watercolor Valentine's Day Project

3. Once they are finished painting and happy with their work, put it to one side and let it dry.
4. Then peel off the tape, and unveil the fun design or message!
Watercolor Valentine's Day Project

I made a card with “XOXO” on it, using the traditional Valentiine colors of red and pink, but as you can see, the boys made other creative color choices which I thought came out beautifully!

These are so fun and simple to create. Have fun and pour lots of love into it! XOXO

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