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Yarn Crafts for Kids: Yarn Bowl

Here we have another post in honor of National Craft month – you thought yarn was just for knitting sweaters! Well it isn’t! We’ve found a couple yarn crafts for kids and the yarn bowl is a great one for kids who LOVE getting messy. You  may not love getting messy however so I recommend putting newspaper on the floors, walls, door, ceiling and family pet. Let’s begin!

You’ll Need

  • Strands of yarn in multiple colors – the gradient yarn is also a really neat idea
  • White school glue thinned slightly with water
  • A bowl or “bowl” You can use a bowl turned upside down and covered with plastic wrap or try using a balloon



  1. Choose one bowl to use as your mold, remember: the shape of this bowl will determine the shape of your yarn bowl
  2. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap
  3. Mix up the water and the white school glue with a little bit of water into a different bowl
  4. Once you’ve lined up the cotton yarn ball, glue bowl, and bowl mold, unravel the yarn and dip it in the glue. (Note: Don’t cut it yet!)
  5. Pinch the yarn between your fingers and slide them along it to squeeze off the excess glue.
  6. Then, just wind the yarn back and forth, over and around the outside of the bowl mold.
  7. Continue until the bowl is covered the way you want it and then cut the yarn. Press the yarn down gently to help the strands stick together.
  8. Allow the yarn to dry or use a hair dryer to speed things up.



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