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3 DIY Button Crafts

How did you accumulate so many buttons? Well, there’s the box of buttons you inherited from your mother and the 500 extra buttons you’ve been collecting over the years from clothing you don’t even own anymore. So clear out some of your button stock pile with three cute button crafts.

Button Art

Button Crafts

  1. Draw out the design you want to use onto a 8×10 canvas board
  2. Paint in the drawing using acrylics paint. This step ensures that the button holes don’t reveal white underneath
  3. Add the first layer of buttons and start around the edges
  4. Add the second layer of buttons, making sure to cover any spaces. Start around the edges, adding buttons over the first layer
  5. Frame your creation without the glass because they will not fit over the buttons


Button Hairclips

Button Crafts

This project is super simple and similar to the project below. You only need a glue gun, buttons and plain hair clips.

Glue the button or layers of buttons onto a clip and boom – button hair clips!

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Button Pushpins

Watch the easy how-to video on how to turn boring pushpins into button pushpins. They’re super cute. You can also to this with magnets.

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