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Easy Scrapbooking Ideas

If you caught our post on Friday (and if you didn’t take a few minutes now and check it out…) you would know why scrapbooking is so neat. Today I wanted to give you some scrapbooking ideas to get you started and to get your kids involved with it too. Obviously a lot of people can dedicate more time to scrapbooking (and it is addictive) but dedicate at least a couple hours one day a week to it with your kids. They’ll look forward to it, we promise!


Accordion Pages

Scrapboking Ideas

Accordion pages are great, especially for things like for travel scrapbooks, and easy enough for your kids to make. You can use out-of-date travel books from the cities you visited in the past, take them apart, then reassemble them using the original covers, a few of the pages, and maps.

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Scrapbook Pockets

Scrapbooking Ideas

You can give your scrapbook pages little pockets that you can fill with memorable items or keepsakes, such as tickets, shells, or coins. Create these pockets by taping, folding, and sewing two pieces of paper to secure.


Current Events

Scrapbooking Ideas

Take the front page of the newspaper of the day or the week you’re scrapbooking about, make a color copy and then shrink it down. On the opposite page, you can write things that were relevant on that day, the weather or things like popular movies or songs, trends and world events.


Black & White

Scrapbooking Ideas

Make black and white copies of your photos – this can be done using Photoshop, or an online photo service. Using black and white photos with a little bit of color on the page (choose one like red or salmon) and using it in small doses such as in the title, small elements like ribbon or putting a square of that color behind photographs.


Use Multiple Patterns

Scrapbooking Ideas

Now we’re not saying go TOO crazy, but you know the fashion world has ebcouraged us ALL to mix patterns a little. Not like, leopard print leggings, a zebra print top and peacock feathers stuffed in our hair, but a lot of the time, mixing patterns is a good thing. Start small by using something like a honeycomb pattern page and maybe a few elements with small polka dots or thin vertical stripes. Keep these patterns pretty neutral and let your photographs pop with color.

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