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Gardening With Kids: Mason Jar Herbs

This is one of my favorite projects in our series – Gardening with Kids, probably because I’m obsessed with Mason Jars and this entire project takes maybe half an hour. You can keep your herb garden indoors (provided you have enough light coming in) or outdoors. These are great for easy access in the kitchen – and for those who don’t have a backyard to plant herbs in. I absolutely love this project and it’s really easy to get the kids involved with. If you’re planting from seedlings your kids will love watching the progress.


You’ll Need

  • 6 Mason Jars
  • Potting soil – either moisture control or seedling
  • Various seeds! Quick note: If you choose to grow your seeds indoors some herbs are poisonous to pets

 Gardening with Kids


  1. Fill the bottom of your mason jars with pebbles, gravel, or take a terra cotta plater and smash it to pieces!! – well, that’s what I do for drainage usually. Since these mason jars don’t have adequate drainage on their own you have to make sure your herbs aren’t over-saturated.
  2. Fill the jar with your desired soil, and either transfer your herbs or plant your seedlings according to the instructions, remember to figure out how to care for your seedlings as well.
  3. Label your herbs, and let your kids get creative. A lot of people like using chalkboard paint, with handwritten chalk labels.


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