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Gardening with Kids: Ladybug Rocks

My mom would drag me into the backyard in the summer when I was little and it’s actually amazing how much you retain from just watching your parents garden. Since it’s almost March I figured I would start a series called Gardening with Kids. Gardening is fantastic for children because there is so much to learn and see. Your kids can learn about fruits and veggies, assist with the planting and of course, play with a few worms…

Here’s a fun little project to get your kids pumped for helping out in the yard: Ladybug rocks! They’re super cute and so easy to make, inexpensive and can add some personality to your garden instead of going out and buying what my aunt calls lawn crimes:

Gardening with Kids


Okay, I guess some lawn crimes can be kind of cute, but wouldn’t it be more satisfying to make your own? I found a great tutorial in case you’re a visual learner like I am.

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Let’s begin:

You’ll Need

  • Rocks – in any size! The key to effective design in variation. You probably have a bunch in your yard already and if you don’t – go for a walk! You’re bound to find them laying around somewhere
  • Paint – remember that ladybugs are traditionally red but your ladybugs don’t need to be
  • Painter’s tape or a permanent marker to draw a straight line down the back
  • Various paintbrushes in different sizes
  • Googly eyes in various sizes (optional)
  • A hot glue gun (if attaching googly eyes)



  1. Completely wash and dry all rocks.
  2. Paint rocks in desired colors, allow to dry. Apply second and third coats if needed. The lighter colors may require more coats than darker shades
  3. Paint head on using black acrylic craft paint
  4. Use a black permanent marker to draw a straight line down the center of the rock, or use painter’s tape to section out a line and paint the line in
  5. Paint on the spots by either dipping a pencil eraser in black paint and dabbing it on or just simply painting on dots yourself
  6. Once the paint is dry, spray the rocks with an acrylic sealer spray and aloow the sealer to completely dry
  7. If you wanted to attach googly eyes, using your glue gun, attach the googly eyes and the rocks dry


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