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Kids being Kids


Kids can be a little messy at time, a little loud… a little hell bent on destroying your house?

I’m not sure if you’ve ever visited Sh*t My Kids Ruined but it’ll make you laugh and cringe (sometimes at the same time). Here are some of my favorite examples of kids being kids, with the commentary from their parents:

Kids Being Kids

“Lesson in parenting a toddler: just because the toddler has handled something gently in the past, that does not predict future actions. Goodbye, mandolin. You played many a fine tune.”

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Submitted by: Janet F.


Kids being Kids

“My husband and I were out in the barn cleaning while my children decided to go back into the house. They were inside for 5-10 min. When we came back in, and the puppy had been sharpie’d on. My daughter always wanted a pink puppy, so she took it upon herself to draw pink and purple on the dog. I guess it would be her revenge on the dog since the dog loves to follow her and pull her undies down…..Great, thanks Mia!”

Submitted by: Elizabeth L.

Kids being Kids

“The other morning while my sister in law was in the shower, my 5 year-old nephew took a stick to the TV and beat it until it completely broke, as evidenced by the above picture. This act was so out of character for him and I couldn’t figure out why he would do this.

It wasn’t until I asked what he was watching at the time that it all became very clear. He’d been watching “Curious George’s Birthday” which is all about a piñata, and I guess he just wanted to join in on the fun, not thinking that it would actually break the TV.  He had just hit a piñata over the weekend for a birthday party, so I guess it was just a little too fresh in his mind.”

Submitted by: Holly

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