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Types of Parent Heart Conditions

I’m not sure if you’ve ever had a chance to check out the graphics, posts and videos over at How to be a Dad but they’re a riot. We’ve posted a few in the past like: Live as if Every Moment you were a Muppet and What if Apple made Baby Products. Well, today’s hilarious infographic is called The Heart of a Parent.

Being a parent certainly does some tricky things to your heart. They have the ability to make your break you (seriously though).

Pride, anger, curiosity, overwhelming admiration… you’ve felt it all:

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Like when your child is unexplainably sick.

Or the tine when your child drew all over the television set?
Or when your child says something way too adorable?
Or that time you watched your daughter’s first ballet recital or hung your son’s first crayon creation on the fridge?
Or that time your child drank out of that discarded Coke can at the park…

…Oh wait, that last one was my brother Ricky, twenty years ago.


Types of Parent Heart Conditions


Image courtesy of How to be a Dad

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