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Creative Writing Prompts for Kids: Kid’s Writing Inspiration

Trying to get your young children to sit down and write can feel like a real chore. But there’s truly no better way to encourage improved verbal and vocabulary skills than through a healthy regimen of reading and writing by using creative writing prompts for kids. We’ve put together a few kid’s writing inspiration ideas to get you started from crafts, to prompts, and general thoughts to inspire!

If I Can Think It…

if i can think it i can

A lovely little bit of writing inspiration for little kids everywhere, this poster from First Grade Wow is designed to motivate your child to put pencil to paper. A child’s imagination is limitless, after all, and creativity is something that should be encouraged. May this poster serve as a reminder!

Sticker Stories

IMG_8623To intrigue little kids, sometimes you need to employ a little creativity of your own to get the creative juices flowing. That’s why this sticker story idea is such a good bit of kid’s writing inspiration. We got the idea from NurtureStore, and it’s a generally simple one. Set out some pre-folded pieces of paper with pencils, crayons, and stickers. Ask your child to tell a story using the stickers. She can fill in the blanks by writing a few details and drawing pictures.

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Story in a Jar

story-prompts-cut-outWe got this idea from Kitchen Counter Chronicles and it’s a good one. All you have to do is print out the story prompts from the site (or come up with your own!), cut them out, fold them up, and put them in a jar. Your whole family can take turns pulling out story prompts and coming up with tales on the spot. Or, if your child is old enough to write, he can sit down and write a quick story–with your help, of course.

There is inspiration for your kids to start writing all around you. You just need to look!

Image source: ToddlerHub

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