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Make Your Own Edible Arrangement

We know you’ve seen fruit bouquets or “edible arrangements” before. We know how expensive they are, believe me I’ve ordered one. How awesome would it be to make your own edible fruit arrangements? They’re perfect for entertaining or a last minute gift – and they’re a great activity to get the kids involved with too, and these are some ingredients (unlike raw cookie dough) you won’t mind you kids sneaking bites of. Edible Fruit Arrangements

You’ll Need

  • A variety of fruits – including pineapple, melons and berries
  • Skewers in a variety of lengths
  • A vessel to make the arrangement in – nothing too tall, and something kind of wide.
  • Parsley or lettuce to fill in as greenery
  • A flower shaped cookie cutter
  • Melon baller
  • Floral foam to stick the skewers in (optional)
  • Chocolate for dipping (optional)



  1. Place a piece of floral foam in the container that you selected for your edible fruit arrangement.
  2. Slice the pineapple into round slices.
  3. Using your flower cookie cutter, cut out flower shaped pieces from each slice.
  4. Place pineapple flower pieces on wood skewers with the tips sticking out about 1/2 inch
  5. Use the melon baler on which ever melon you chose to scoop out balls.
  6. Cut the balls in half and place one of the ball halves on the end of the wood skewer that the pineapple flower is on so it looks like the center of a flower.
  7. Randomly place your completed flower skewers into the floral foam.
  8. Place strawberries or other berries on a few wood skewers.
  9. Place the berry skewers into the floral foam, randomly spaced between the pineapple flowers.
  10. Use any combination of remaining fruit to add to the edible arrangement.
  11. Place blueberries, grapes, raspberries, or blackberries onto skewers. Place those skewers into the floral foam as well, arranging them between the pineapple and strawberry skewers already in place.
  12. Fill the remaining gaps with either parsley or lettuce.


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