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Organic Baby Food Brands

As a mom, you want to provide your little one with the best things possible in life. And right from the outset that means optimal nutrition. Many choose to purchase organic baby food once their babies start venturing into solids because it contains no pesticides, additives, or other unhealthy stuff that can impede health. If you want to get your baby on the organic path, the following organic baby food brands should help you start a shopping list:

Earth’s Best

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Earth’s Best baby food is 100% organic and chock full of nutritional value for your growing baby. The company offers hundreds of varieties for infants, toddlers, and big kids ranging from single fruits and veggies to fruit and veggies mixes to meat purees. They also offer pouches for convenient on-the-go eating, instant cereal, and snacks.

Ella’s Kitchen


Though on the slightly pricier side of organic baby food, Ella’s Kitchen more than compensates for that fact by offering the highest quality. You can seriously tell they make a good product just by testing the consistency of their pouch food. For instance, the “Big Smiles Cheesy Potatoes with Vegetables” pouch tastes like real, grownup mashed potatoes. And the “Chick-Chick Chicken Casserole with Vegetables and Rice” smells like chicken soup. This definitely isn’t the “OMG what’s in it” kind of baby food from the past.

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Plum Organics


Though the company was subject to a recall last year, Plum Organics has shown themselves to be an organic baby food brand with a wide range of tasty options. From single fruits to mixes to fruit and grain “mish mash,” and full meals in a pouch, Plum’s lineup is sure to satisfy tiny tastebuds.


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Mixed fruits and veggies, Greek yogurt blends, and Homestyle meals, and Hearty Combos set HappyBaby apart from its competitors. This company also creates tasty treats for tiny hands like HappyYogis and HappyPuffs. Once your baby gets bigger, you can try out some of the other products within the HappyFamily umbrella, too!

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