My son loves to mix ingredients and get down and dirty!  He has had a lot of experience making dough by mixing in various liquids and powdery substances together.  However, he was in for a surprise when he mixed some cornstarch and water to make some Oobleck!

2 parts of corn starch and 1 part of water

2 parts of corn starch and 1 part of water

Oobleck is a non-newtonian fluid.  It basically acts like a liquid when being poured but acts like a solid when you put force on it.  If you make enough Oobleck, you can even walk on it!

After mixing and noticing that the mixture was different, he tried his best Karate punch on the Oobleck but could not break through the mixture.


Can’t break through with any force!

Once he picked up the Oobleck in his hand and then relaxed his hand, he saw it drip out like liquid.


We then added in some food coloring.  Once again, mixing with a fork was difficult due to the force used with the fork.


He decided using his fingers were easier.  Note: Food coloring stains on hands for about 2 days!


As he felt the texture, and saw how his finger got stuck in the Oobleck, he was reminded of dinosaurs getting stuck in the muck!  Which then, he had to re-enact the days of dinosaurs.  This is where Mr. Spinosaurus and Mr. Raptor got stuck in the Oobleck muck!


Now, if you want to take the Oobleck to another level, here is a great way to make your Oobleck dance!


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