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Make “Sun-Prints” Using Construction Paper

Try this simple and fun sun-print activity with your little one.  All you need is construction paper and a few small items from your home!

For our small items, we used scissors, an empty roll of masking tape, letter magnets, a chopstick, a comb, and a paper clip.

Make sun prints using construction paper                            Make sun prints using construction paper

It’s a very simple activity!  All you have to do is place your items on top of the construction paper.  If you are worried that the items might shift, place a small piece of tape underneath the objects to help them stay in place.  You can also place a bit of tape on the corners of the paper to help keep it from moving as well.  Leave it in the sunlight for a couple of hours and wait to see what happens.

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Sun-Prints - Place small items on top of construction paper                              Sun-Prints - Place small items on top of construction paper

We left it out in the morning until the sun went down!  The kids had fun lifting the objects to see their sun-prints!

Remove small items to reveal sun-prints                              Remove small items to reveal sun-prints

The sun’s UV rays faded the construction paper, except for the areas where the small items were blocking the sun, leaving “sun prints” behind.

The kids really enjoyed this activity and we hope you do too!

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