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Wall Decals for Kids

In my many searches this week I came across wall decals for kids. They’re the perfect way to spruce up a room without sitting through hours of paint samples, painting the room, making sure you don’t drip paint everywhere, and eventually end up resenting the color you chose to paint the room in the first place!

They’ve been very trendy for the last year or so because they’re so easy to use. If you’re feeling ambitious however, check out next week’s post on how to make your own wall decals.


Directions for Applying Wall Decals

  1. Clean the desired surface with a damp cloth or sponge to remove  any dirt. Soap can also be used to help remove any oil that may be present on the surface. Make sure the wall is dry before placing the decal.
  2. Before placing the decal on the wall, use a level to assure the decal is evenly placed.
  3. Place decal on desired position of the wall.
  4. Using a squeegee, or credit card, smooth the surface and remove any air bubbles that may be present.
  5. Slowly and carefully peel the paper backing from decal. If you’re having trouble removing the paper backing from the decal, use a little bit of water to dampen the paper until it is lightly saturated. This  will allow the decal to release from the paper with ease.
  6. Voila! You now have a decal on your wall! Caution: They are a little addictive so don’t go overboard!

Decals are easily removable as well. They’re honestly the perfect wall accessory.

I’ve seen my fair share of wall decals for kids and adults, so here are a couple favorites from Stylon:

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Wall Decals for Kids

Wall Decals for Kids

Wall Decals for Kids




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