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Rainy Day: Indoor Activities for Kids

Whether it’s a snow day at school or a literal rainy day inside, we all know that kids need stimulation. I’m sure you’ve read millions of posts on indoor activities for kids but these ones are tried and tested to make sure your kids don’t go stir crazy when they’re trapped indoors.

Fort Making

Indoor Activities for Kids

Seems a little old school, right? Regardless, kids love constructing these pillow castles and it gives them a private (temporary, of course) space. It’s kind of like camping indoors without all the mosquitos and lack of showering. Think of it as life-sized Lego – your kids can build and create something using skill. Additionally, if it’s the summer or spring you kids can construct forts outside with cardboard boxes. You might realize your have a little engineer on your hands.


Cooking with Kids

Indoor Activities for Kids

Whether you’re making a dessert, lunch or dinner you can easily get your child involved – also if it’s dinner, bonus! You’re killing two birds with one stone here. You’re effectively teaching your child fine motor skills and concentration and measurements. We’re not saying you should put your child in charge of sauteing veggies quite yet – but maybe making sure you have enough blueberries for your muffins. Two of the most classic things to make with children are pizza and cookies, so why not do a healthier version? Thin crust pizza with veggies that your children can top themselves and sprinkle on as much cheese as they please.

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