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3 Products to Bring Out Your Child’s Inner Artist

Pablo Picasso once said that, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Kids are filled with creativity and it’s important to harness that creative impulse. Continuing to be artistic as they grow up would be a great perk, of course, but for now, you can do everything in your power to provide your kid with an artistic outlet. What follows are three products that are certain to bring out your child’s inner artist:

Crayola Premier Art Set


You can’t go wrong with crayons. I remember spending countless hours as a kid coloring and drawing using my trusty box of Crayola crayons. You can provide your child with that same joy and ability to create with the Crayola Premier Art Set. It comes with crayons, markers, colored pencils, safety scissors, and paper all housed within a storage case. It’s great for any occasion and travels well for art projects on-the-go.

Rubber Band Studio


These rubber band looms are all the rage! Older kids can create all sorts of accessories on their own like hair bands, bracelets, necklaces, and more. Or, you can help littler kids with the loom and make it a family project. The set comes with 1,000 rubber bands so you and your wee ones will be busy for a while.

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Happy Handle Stamp Set


With large, easy-to-hold handles, the Happy Handle Stamp Set is the perfect way to get your kid inspired about making things. Made by Melissa & Doug, this set is designed to prevent mess. Even so, the ink is kid-safe and comes in a wide variety of colors so your little one will have fun stamping the day away for quite some time.

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