Family portrait ideas… well, do you want to be that family on the beach in khakis and a white shirt dying of heat stroke? How many times have you seen that idea already?

It actually sounds like something your aunt came up with and decided to mass email the family letting them know that at the upcoming family reunion: bring your khakis because we’re having a photo shoot on the beach.

The point I was making above before I viciously attacked khakis, the beach and your aunt, was that there are better family portrait ideas out there, you just need a little inspiration. You could always have your photos taken at Sears but why would you want to? There are some very creative photographers out there, but let’s take a look at some disasters first:

Family Portrait Ideas

Family Portrait Ideas

Family Portrait Ideas

Scary stuff, right? You want your photos to showcase how you are as a family. What are your interests? Are you artistic? What are some interesting things about your kids that you can highlight in photos? There are a few photographers below that really do great, expressive work. Imagine how much better these types of family photos will stand out and be a conversation starter – unlike the ones above that ARE conversation starters in the wrong way.

Family Portrait IdeasPhoto Courtesy of Kevin N Murphy

Family Portrait IdeasPhoto Courtesy of Jason Lee

Family Portrait IdeasPhoto Courtesy of Ambient Art Photography

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