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Fix Your Grammar

Your vs. you’re
Their vs. there vs. they’re

Can you imagine if I misspelled the article and wrote “Fix You’re Grammar”? It would be super embarrassing but sometimes you’re not thinking… or is it “your not thinking?” Anyway, we could all use a little lesson on contractions. People overuse the word “literally” literally like all the time – see what I mean?

If you have a teen or tween this might be a good video to show them. Glove and Boots have some of the funniest videos and they’re all quite informative. And like any good kids movie parents can enjoy it too, because they’re so, so funny. I swear, and they’re not preachy. I actually laughed out loud during the video earlier and just had to check out their other videos. I’m in love! I love this duo!

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So watch the video below and fix your grammar! And after you’re done with this video check them out on YouTube and watch 10 more of these.

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