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How to Build a Soccer Net

Soccer is a great sport for a number of reasons: minimal equipment required, it’s a great source of exercise and you can do it right in your backyard. Making one might be one of the easier projects you’ll do in your backyard and can be finished in one afternoon.

If you don’t have the tools to cut it at home don’t fret! Home Depot is great because they’ll actually cut the pieces for you (wood too!) It really makes DIY projects twice as easy and cheap since you won’t have to go out and buy tools all the time.

So whether your child is already an avid soccer player and needs a place to practice, or you just want a backyard activity you can enjoy with your kids this soccer project is cheap and easy-peasy, so get out there and build a soccer net!

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You’ll need

  • Optional: glue (though you’ll likely be able to dry fit the pieces into each other)
  • A replacement soccer net or if you plan on making your own, deer netting
  • 2 of the 10 foot long Schedule 40 PVC pipes at 3/4 inches wide
  • 6 of the Schedule 40, 90 degree pieces
  • 4 Schedule 40 PVC Tees


You need to cut the 10 foot pipes into the following measurements:

  • 4 pieces cut to 6 inches long
  • 4 pieces cut to 18 inches long
  • 2 pieces cut into 24 inches long
  • 2 pieces cut into 31 inches long (you might need to shorten this just a tad with a saw)
  • Fit in the piping according to the diagram below:

Build a Soccer Net

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